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terry bogard matchup thread

Started by dmick1981, March 12, 2012, 10:26:42 PM

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Okay, we're back. Not much data has been provided by anyone so I'm going to draw from my match-up knowledge of Yuri. I'd appreciate any critique. I'll do my best.

Sum-up: Yuri has the tools necessary to cause Terry a lot of problems. Her offense is superb when she's in close, and she has excellent neutral. However, like Mr. Karate and Ryo to a degree, she can't do anything from a distance, stubby normals, and has limited meterless defensive options.

Terry vs. Yuri

Neutral state: When both characters are not knocked down, being hit, or blocking

Far range:
Yuri's options from far away are not amazing. Although she has a bit more reach with her EX air fireball and she can grasp people out of the air with her EX running grab, they're all fairly defensive measures. Throwing A power wave from this distance is advised to test the reactions of your opponent. From this distance, you could safely build meter with B crackshoot. Staying at this range is good for reseting the momentum because Yuri's offensive options are not very strong here. She can keep fireballs and air pokes off of her as well with A Saiha.

It is advised not to pursue her from this range in the air. Without meter, Yuri has access to an air grab and great horizontal reach with her air normals. This will make approaching her from the air increasingly difficult. However, she has to pick her normals properly or they might be too horizontal. They also have low active frames so early jump-ins can be met with d.B anti-air because of landing recovery or knock her out of the air with crackshoot, df+C, st.D (far at this range), and st.A. Punish accordingly.

Mid-range: Air and ground
Yuri has a two projectiles that can keep people at bay. Her light and heavy Kou-o-ken are slow start up, but they're very wide and tall. Blocking them pushes you back quite a bit. This is especially true of the C version. If given the opportunity, roll through the fireball. Lead off with low B to be safe after the roll and you'll be in her face. Most of her fireballs will not combo unless she hits you with close st.C or cr.C. Be ready to roll when you can. On the ground, she can poke you out with her st.B or use d.B. Her far st.D is actually 0 on block. It's advised at that range to just get back and give her some space to try again. Pressing her will get you into close range at neutral, and that's not going to be in your favor.

At this range, utilizing your far normals to keep her from gaining momentum or continuing to press her with st.B is good. Your st.CD is also useful here as it can cancel on block or whiff, giving her fairly limited time to respond to whatever you throw out. On block, it can also put light crackshoot at a range that's safe from her 1F command grab. Against more seasoned opponents, they will not give you the opportunity to get away with a D crackshoot randomly. Do not give them the opportunity to grab you or put yourself in close range on defense.

Although most of her normals will not reach you unless she's in close range, she is within hop range. Her hop normals reach fairly far. Whether her aim is to poke you or get in a solid hit, she can accomplish both with her st.D. Don't give her the option. Keep her out of the air with your df+C or st.A to keep her from giving you too much grief. A counter hid df+C will net you decent damage, don't forget to follow up when you see it with crackshoot or burn knuckle. Her command dive kick does not hit overhead, but it is still something to be wary of as it can cross up opponents and it's fairly safe on block. Yuri can cross you up from this range and also has that option with her flip attack. With meter, she can keep her opponent out or force her way in. At mid range, she can hop and do air Raiouken, her air fireball. Unlike her command fireball that throws her into the air and covers some space, this fireball is done as an air special and is safe on block. If you don't poke her out of the air before she does this, she's going to keep you in close range. It's often rare, but quite possible, opponents might use Yuri's flip, houyoku,  on you. For most situations, jumping straight up as a response to this will net you the ability to counter attack, however, that opens you up for the air grab. Don't be predictable. Roll once or twice to get the distance and maintain neutral spacing.

With meter, she has a number of options to squeeze her way in. She can make use of her EX demon flip to gain in the distance, which gives her options to do her EX fireball in the air. On the subject of that, her EX fireball is constantly

Close range: Air and ground

Here is where Yuri's normals play a very large role. Yuri has a number of normals which are increasingly frightening the closer she is. Her d.B is +3 on block. She could delay most any normal after it and continue to pressure quite consistently while also beating out much else. It's a very low risk tool for her. We also have her cr.C. With enough hit stun, she can keep you out and keep you boxed in. Her st.CD also can cancel into her demon flip. Her st.B is also a wonderful hop poke that can translate into air throw while also being -1 on block. Needless to say, these normals are problematic. With a command grab that can take advantage of frame traps and an air throw that can take advantage of jumpy people, being in close range is not good.

The mid ground is also not a safe haven as it opens you up for cross ups. Yuri's dive kick follow up from her demon flip and her dive kick are relatively safe. Blocking them will just continue the pressure. Not blocking will lead into a substantial amount of damage or more resets. She can perform this off of a poke string as well. Since it has you blocking low, she can mix up a lot of command grab tick throw attempts or sweep you into her fireball. It's a rough ride. My only bit of advice is only block when it is beneficial or the only option. Players will learn your habits and accordingly keep you pinned down. Advanced players will have tricks to make use of being in close range.

If you are close and they might make the play to keep pressure, back dash away. Even in gaps, the worst that can happen are resets. You avoid mix ups from the command grab or the air mix up from the demon flip. Make use of this sparingly as, with meter, she can make use of this and do her EX command grab. It will get you out of the air and put you in a knocked down position. Avoid this kind of situation as it will almost always lead to close-range pressure. Yuri thrives on close range pressure. Your job at this distance, aside from denying a solid connect from Yuri, is to get out of this range. You can poke her out of her demon flip by jumping straight up with B or CD. You can also do df+C to poke her out quickly. Pick your moments and poke holes through her defense. As Terry, you can also hold db and charge Rising Tackle. It won't work all the time, but it will make them thick twice before attacking you.

Coming soon: Defense and Offense