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Started by guilekerplinski1, July 12, 2013, 03:47:05 AM

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i started practicing my normals again to commit to memory, and changed out for daimon. I learned alot just in a day with daimon. Spacing is everything. Its hard because i was playing 2 shoto chars before and not learning some vital things


It's funny because sometimes when you start out... having TOO many options actually is a liability. I had some REALLY casual experience with SF (which you also have to look at frame data if you want to be competitive... at least as much so if not more than KOF) and so when I picked up this game I had the same troubles as you if not MORE. Here in China 90 percent of the people on the sticks are 100 pct kill combo masters.  I get beat by 40 year old men who only have one eye open because of the cig smoke on their other. After watching Juicebox's tutorials I started picking characters with lots of options despite my unfamiliarity with this game thinking the more options the more survivability I have. I forgot the armed forces creed: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!

Today I hit up the arcades again... Terry, Takuma, and Duolon. Despite my COMPLETE unfamiliarity with Duolon (I've played 15 minutes total with him prior to this match) Terry's low kicks and his command normals as well as duolon's command normals were responsible for a majority of my success. Laming out the flashy opponent through proper normals execution and applying mixup pressure using alternating normals for short combo strings into trips allowed me to knock out 2 out of the 3 characters of my opponent. I ended up getting raped by a person of low skill level for the Chinese scene but I had success. However small, I had success.

You also have to realize a huge distinction: Casual vs Dedicated/competitive. On this board are a LOT of people who would chuckle at the concept of a wakeup shoryu in Street Fighter. On casual level gameplay this tactic is actually HIGHLY encouraged but in competitive circles its almost suicide and reserved for punishing predictability. Realize that most people on this board HAPPILY put 1 month solid of an hour a day into this game before expecting ANYTHING.

When I started street fighter I started going against my buddies the minute I got a 10/10 accuracy on my hadoken inputs. 

Good Luck! Have fun! I hope you and I both grow to our desires.