Author Topic: Cafe:id first singles tournament!!! 11/3/2012  (Read 2297 times)


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Cafe:id first singles tournament!!! 11/3/2012
« on: October 01, 2012, 08:50:07 PM »

KOF XIII Cafe:Id Single Tournament
(Single = Individual tournament, not teams)

Date and Time:
3rd November 2012. 3PM Korean Standard Time (KST)

Provided setup:
Custom made Arcade cabinet with Sanwa buttons and Stick (quad-gate). Players are allowed to bring their own controllers and have it connected as well.

Elimination Format:
EVO Rule : Double Elimination

Entry fee:
50,000 WON* (Approx US$50)
Entry fees will cover the tournament + snacks + drinks (very limited thou) in the venue.

6-43 Chang-Jeon Dong, Seoul, Korea

Information and websites:

It starts from exit number 7 of Shin-Cheon subway station.
Shin-Cheon station is on subway lane number 2 (the green lane).
It's written in Korean language but it includes many useful pictures, and a map.

(Prizes will be handed out to players on the day, at the scene, after the tournament.)
@ = 20,000 WON times number of participants
1st: 1,000,000 + (50% of @) WON* Cash voucher**
2nd: 400,000 + (30% of @) WON* Cash voucher**
3rd: 300,000 + (20% of @) WON* Cash voucher**
4th: 200,000 WON* Cash voucher**
5th: 100,000 WON* Cash voucher**
6th: 100,000 WON* Cash voucher**
7th: 100,000 WON* Cash voucher**
8th: 100,000 WON* Cash voucher**

Seeding and Brackets:
Korean KOF 13 Ranking applied. For international players, their respective rankings approved by the community or other international tournament rankings will be applied.

Special Events:
Event matches will be also played if time allows. Currently looking at Nation vs Nation Team battles and/or Past Tournament Grudge Matches

With confidence, many promising Korean and International KOF players are interested to enter. Also a Special Giveaway gift by MadKOF, a Mai Shiranui Figurine to a lucky entrant.

We're looking for sponsorship and/or support.

Terminology and Conversion:
*1,000 WON = Approx US$1
**Due to "Regulations", Korean participants whom are eligible for the above awards, cannot directly receive prize money in the form of 'cash'. These vouchers are essentially another form of currency used to purchase goods in Korea. Special arrangements will be made for them to be converted into the respective amount of cash for International participants whom are eligible

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail: