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  • Saturday Slugfest V: November 17, 2012

Author Topic: (Nov. 17th) Saturday Slugfest V (Seattle, WA)  (Read 2002 times)


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(Nov. 17th) Saturday Slugfest V (Seattle, WA)
« on: November 15, 2012, 05:11:59 PM »
Source: Eventhubs

Dante's in UDistrict
5300 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA

Entry and Venue:
$5 Venue (Casuals or Tournament - Stick/Controller in hand, you pay)
$10 for AE and UMvC3
$5 for other Games

Games List:
AE 2012 ($10) + BONUS Prize Pool based on Friday AE Boot Camp
UMvC3 ($10)
KoF13 ($5)
SCV ($5)
VF5 ($5)
MK9 ($5)
Persona 4 ($5)
Tekken Tag 2 ($5)

Noon - Doors Open
3:00pm - MK9, SCV, TT2
5:00pm - UMvC3, KoF
6:00pm - Persona 4,
8:00pm - AE, VF5

11 or Less people: 75%, 25%
12 or More people: 70%. 20%, 10%

GC Website Article: ... -dantes-3/

Pacific Northwest Road to EVO2013:
AE and Marvel entries gain points based on finish place.
Every Registration/Venue gets a raffle ticket for the 3rd Sponsorship raffle.

Bring a FULL set up and get Free Venue at this event.
Bring a Monitor only and get $1 off Venue
Bring a Xbox or PS3 and Disks only and get $1 off Venue

We need 6 Set Ups. 5 Xbox and 2 PS3. First to arrive receive discount. If you bring yours and we have hit the limit, then you can either donate your set up for the event or put it back in your car. We can always use more, but we have limited funds we can play with for discounts and still maintain the financial integrity of the event.
Discount priority goes to complete set ups before parts.

NEEDS: 7 Monitors, 5 Xbox + Disks, 2 PS3 + Disks.

Live Streamed -
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