Author Topic: Drive Cancel Radio Episode 16: APEX & SCR 2013 recap  (Read 3762 times)


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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 16: APEX & SCR 2013 recap
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:25:09 PM »
Direct Mp3 link:

"In this episode, Malik , Marco Polo and AGE|Romance discuss the recent tournaments APEX 2013 and Socal Regionals 2013. They reflect upon various details concerning their tournament matches and how they prepared beforehand. The players discuss proper meter management, what characters they feel are underestimated, feeling nervous while playing in tournaments, tips for new players learning KOFXIII and more."

Post any questions or comments! Enjoy!
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Re: Drive Cancel Radio Episode 16: APEX & SCR 2013 recap
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2013, 04:15:32 PM »
If you guys are open to suggestions for future discussions, how about interesting ways to cheer during KoF games at events like EVO?

Because one case from the KoF XIII finals at EVO 2012 is starting to get adopted by another game for this year's donation drive:

So maybe it's not too early to step up KoF's crowd support tactics to become even more memorable, maybe something that involves a coordinated effort between more people - shouldn't be hard if many that compete prepare for the occasion, since most won't make it to the finals anyway.
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Re: Drive Cancel Radio Episode 16: APEX & SCR 2013 recap
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2013, 04:20:31 AM »

Great episode as always Desmond. (Talking about 17 btw)

I like the topics they we're cool but I didnt get to see winter brawl yet looking forward to watching it. I didnt see an archive anywhere for it.

AS Reynald and Mr.KoF are my best KoF fighters to tell the truth so having AS Reynald on and hearing what he got to say is  always great for me. He is a top KoF player and learning from him is a priority especially that I like his game-play and attitude the best.

AGE MarioE, I have great respect for him. Always liked hearing his thoughts and what he has to say. His Ideas on how he works in picking his characters and his training are cool. There is one thing though, I pick my characters on the characters character and how he is. Thats how I pick my character because I like his character and I stick with him; whatever his tier is.( I dont care about tiers personally unless the character is broken; if hes strong like Gill in 3rd strike or very weak like sean broken I mean). It happens to be that I like Mr.KARATE very much as in like his character and it happens that he is hated very much also by a lot of people. I can understand why but come on I mean you cant hate the player for it, maybe that player is like me and picks the character because he like's him. Even though, as I said before, I have great respect to AGE Mario E and it's always great to have him on Dreamcancel Radio.