Author Topic: How to use the Neo Geo hitbox lua script.  (Read 6868 times)


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How to use the Neo Geo hitbox lua script.
« on: March 17, 2011, 10:56:01 PM »
As some know that dammit has made a lua script for cps2 games.
Well he is working on Neo Geo right now so far he has all but 1 kof game this is going to be tutorial on how to get the script working.

First you're going to need a special emulator you could use Fba-rr.

Or you can use MAME-rr.

Either one works, I perfer MAME since it allows cheats that turn off music.

Ok here is the link to the script Right click save as.

FBA-rr is easy to run a lua script. All you have to do is goto Game then Lua scripting > New Script window and then load the script.

Mame-rr is a little harder.
First your gonna create a shortcut of the main exe.
Second Goto the properties of that shortcut. Go to target on the shortcut tab (in case you have clicked on a different tab).
Go to the end of the target line and add in  -lua neogeo-hitboxes.lua (you need to put the script in the same folder as the mame.exe)

Also feel free to move/copy this thread when the lua script supports other Neo Geo games besides kof 94-02.
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