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Your team(s) for XIV

Started by solidshark, June 24, 2016, 05:05:38 AM

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My team may just be Iori, Hein, and Alice.


Quote from: marchefelix on July 17, 2016, 08:54:35 AM
My team may just be Iori, Hein, and Alice.

Hein and Alice both looks really awesome. I'm gonna try them out first cause I think they may end up being on my main team.


Luong, Iori, Geese all the way. Although might throw in Ryo or Bandeiras once in a while.


Vice and Iori go into any team I make. After that I'm gonna mess around with old favorites (Kim, Kensou, Maxima, King) and some new ones (Luong, Antonov, Shun) and see what sticks. Getting into the series on 13, I'm excited to try out Geese too. Predictabu!


For most KOF's I go with Terry, Blue Mary, and Iori. For XIII I went with Maxima because Blue Mary wasn't in it. In XI I used Tizoc a lot. I tried KoD in the demo, but he doesn't play like Tizoc at all. Iori is good as usual, but I'm having lots of fun with Kyo in the demo. I also want to try Luong and Gang Il. So... I guess I'll start out with Kyo, Maxima, and Terry, and I'll try swapping various characters out till I get a combination I like.


The game has so many charachters and lot of them are fun but i must do what i always do when i get a new game  play all of them and see which charachter move set i like the most   kyo clark ryo ralf are my mains so il stick with them to get a flow with the game

acorn stairlift

Leona and two other characters. They'd most likely be Kyo and Mai.

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Right now it would be Leona, Terry, and Geese.  I do want to try out Kukri, Luong, and Angel though.


I like to switch my team around a lot, but if i had to pick it would be benimaru/Vice/Angel.


My current team is Luong/Bandeiras/Gang-il. Interested in almost the entire cast though. But yeah, forcing myself to stick with this squad for a bit.


Starting team will most likely be a combination of Yuri,Iori,Shun'ei,Mai,Andy. I have Yuri,Andy and Iori experience from KOF XIII, and demo experience for Shun'ei and Mai. But whos to say a month a 2 down the road this doesn't change completely.
Not sure who I'm playing yet in KOFXIV


Soon as I decided I was in on KoF 14 I knew right from the start Terry was in. Currently the main roster is looking like either:

  • Terry, Maxima, Vice
  • Terry, Luong, Maxima

Haven't looked beyond that for other potential teams, but I want to get some trigger time with Geese, Joe, Love, Kukri, and Alice.


So, I think I'm going to definitely start with my XIII team, the "exotic ladies team" I suggested earlier, and slowly check out every new character, and then the veterans. I can wait to see who'll appeal to me the most.
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I don't know if I'll put him on my list of frequently used characters yet but I do want to dedicate more effort than normal to unlocking the mystery that is Xanadu. From a lot of streams I've seen not many players want to put much effort in labbing him. Such a shame that is because I find him to be so interesting despite how difficult he seems.

I think I will stick with my aforementioned team of Iori/Hein/Alice with Mai as an occasional swap out for Alice. Any other secondaries I will determine as I play.


It's already changed around for me after getting a chance to finally play around with characters on day one.  Now it's looking solidly like Terry, Luong, Kukri, and Love Heart for me.  Not sure of the default starting lineup yet, but it's down to these 4 for sure now.

I'm interested to see if anybody switched it up once getting their hands on the game.