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Offline Matchmaking / Dallas-Fort Worth Meetups
« on: November 09, 2011, 09:24:21 AM »
Hey! A bunch of us from dustloop meet up in Dallas(mostly in richardson, to be specific) to play fighters, and a bunch of us are interested in KOF13. Oldboy, Jet, Ronin and I will definitely play since we already enjoy KOF2002um, and i'm sure several others will learn the game.
Our most played game at meetups is Blazblue, but we also play tons of other stuff just depending on who's there. (Arcana, Guilty Gear, Third Strike, KOF2002UM, Street Fighter Alpha, Melty Blood, etc. etc)

Even if KOF13 has good netcode, if you're in the area you should come by to our meetups! Offline is awesome. We usually meet on friday or saturday(usually saturday), usually from 3pm-10pm. We usually meet at my apartment at the University of Texas at Dallas, but Frigid who is about 20 minutes away in Dallas proper also hosts sometimes.
Meetups are usually 6-13 people with 2-4 setups, just depends on who's able to come. We usually meet every week, but usually every 4th week or whatever nobody is able to host.

(The thread on dustloop is if you care. I may sometimes post stuff a little sooner there than here.)

I'll be hosting the saturday after kof13 comes out, probably. Hope to see some KOF13 players from dreamcancel at meetups after KOF13 comes out! If you wanna come to an earlier meetup to maybe play some KOF2002um or non-snk, that works too.

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