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KOF XIII 6th General Thread: Console Released edition

Started by Kane317, November 22, 2011, 12:38:15 PM

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Combining the all four of the official SNKP XIII console change logs (1, 2, 3, and 4) and the unconfirmed reports from various loke tests can still be found here:

* = shown in video

-Neomax only uses 2 power meters during HD mode (3 meters when not in HD)
- The Hitstun on normal jump attacks have been reduced. (Meaning it’s harder to do combos)
- Special attacks in the air have generally been adjusted to come out faster, so combos from canceling normal moves in the air that could be done in the arcade version can still be done.
- DM damage can be scaled down to a maximum of 40% in combos now (as opposed to 50% before). However, scaling for NEOMAX DMs is unchanged, making them a better choice for ending HD combos. Moves that were unaffected by damage scaling in the arcade version continue to do 100% of their damage in the console version.
- (shown in video) You now get more meter when you are hit by or block an opponent’s attacks, making it easier to escape from a rushdown situation using a guard cancel attack or something similar. It may be better to go for simple HD combos and to keep to combos that do fewer hits. (NOTE: This is something that Dune pointed out in one of the interview videos that Kane317 did recently).
*Backstep goes into air status in 1 frame. It can now be used in reversal situations to aid in providing options for escaping wake up attacks.
-Guard gauge replenish and rate: Gauge regain after blocking an attack occurs earlier than in the arcade, but the rate of regain is slower than in the arcade.

Hwa Jai
- All frames on Drink super have been changed (apparently, its recovery is faster)
* Ground CD has changed. Moves forward and has invincibility to low attacks
* Fierce Dragon Tail has faster recovery; can be connected to a normal move after it hits
* Weak Dragon Backbreaker is now a 1F throw instead of a leaping throw
- Weak Dragon Tail comes out faster and connects from a fierce
- EX Air Dragon Kick now hits 3 times like its ground version and does 154 damage.
- EX Dragon Tail chips less guard meter

Producer Yamamoto says: Hwa has a lot of changes, like for example, his Weak Backbreaker is a 1F hit now. The recovery on his drink is different so it might be usable in a combo.

- Flying Drill has faster recovery, normal hit can connect afterwards
* EX Raijinken is a single hit attack. On a hit, the opponent will be stuck in the air afterwards for a limited time. They can be attacked with another move, or even get pushed by running to the edge of the screen.
* EX Air Raijinken lasts for a longer time. The timing in between the hits are longer than the arcade version. It now sort of works as a special that can be “placed” on the screen.
* EX Collider hits less times. That means less scaling for the combo to come afterwards.
* Neomax comes out faster, MAX cancel’s timing is different. Invincibility runs out before the hit detection comes out.
- Fierce/EX Super Lightning Kick does more damage. On a full hit, the fierce version’s damage has been raised from 70>100, EX from 135>192.
- Collider has faster recovery on whiff, can rarely be punished if blocked from a fierce punch.
- EX Iaigeri > Handou Sandangeki does less damage, down from 263 to 219

Producer Yamamoto says: We’ve balanced him so that even the attacks that weren’t being used in the arcades would be of use. The EX Collider and EX Raijinken should especially come to more use since the opponent can be hit afterwards. The EX air Raijinken should be fun to place around for an attack string. His Neomax has no invincibility but it comes out a lot faster, so it might be fun to think of ways in using it.

* His Stepping (Forward+BD) is faster
* Weak SAB has full-body autoguard but comes out slower than before
- EX SAB>Flying Elbow can be MAX canceled
- EX Gatling Attack’s invincibility runs out when its hit detection comes out. Projectile invincibility doesn’t, even after hit detection comes out.
- If Fierce or EX Gateling gets blocked, the Afterattack throw won’t come out any more
* Vulcan Punch can be canceled with another move on startup. This allows for some new combos like close Fierce punch (2nd hit)>VulcanPunch>SAB

Producer Yamamoto says: He’s a throw character so we’ve buffed his throws. With moves like his Weak SAB, his front step, and being able to do a super cancel from a 1-frame throw, he should be able to fight like a real thrower.

- Kaschousen comes out faster, also has quicker recovery
* Ukibane (down + B in air) has different trajectory than Arcade, recovery time has been changed
* Musasabi(from ground) can be canceled to Floating attack
* WK>FK is a chain combo. Can be used to connect into HD mode, and also gives Mai more damage on pokes
* EX air Shinobibachi added in game. Invincible until hit detection comes out.
- Crouching FP has more cancelable frames
- Weak Ryuenbu has more vertical hitbox
* Neomax comes out faster and freezes time when it reaches the edge of screen

Producer Yamamoto says: We’ve balanced her as a female ninja by giving her attacks that can make her fight more tricky from the air. Using Ukibane to trick the opponent and doing an attack string, or hit confirming from her crouching fierce punch have become effective tactics. Her Neomax has also been buffed.

* Voltec Launcher chips less guard meter
- Strike Arch (directon move) comes out faster
* Fierce V-Slasher has different angle; weak travels short, fierce goes far. EX version is the same as the arcade.
- Ground Saber has longer recovery when blocked. About even when fierce version gets blocked.
- Moon Slasher has less hitback when blocked. All of them (weak, fierce, EX) are easier to get punished than the arcade.
- EX X-Caliber comes out faster. Still can’t be comboed from a normal or direction attack.

Producer Yamamoto says: Moves such as the Ground Saber and Moon Slasher are easier to get punished so be careful. We’ve balanced her so that she can do things such as attack strings with her EX X-Calibur, or break into the opponent with her Strike Arch. Her Fierce V slasher has been buffed, and she’s a character that’s good in various occasions such as air-to-air combat or against projectiles.

- Jump CD comes out faster
- Stun value on attacks has been lowered
* EX Kyokugen Koou comes out faster and has quicker recovery. Still can’t be comboed from a normal or direction attack.
- Fierce Ryuuko Ranbu comes out faster. It’s still slower than the weak version, but it has invincibility until after the hit detection comes out.
- Weak Hienshippukyaku’s damage reduced from 70 to 50.

Producer Yamamoto says:
He has less stun values than the arcade, but he’s still easier to dizzy the opponent than other characters. Also, it’s not written above but damages on his other specials have also been raised, and he’s a character that can do high damage. He’s been buffed in a lot of places like his air CD and invincible Fierce Ryuuko Ranbu, so please try using him.

* Ebony Tears comes out faster. Can hit opponent afterwards
* Weak Metal Massacre is a one hit attack
* EX Deathrow correctly puts crouching opponent into hitback state on a hit unlike arcade version. If the opponent is crouching during 1-4 hits, a fierce Metal Massacre can still combo with a drivecancel.
- EX Despair doesn’t move Mature behind the opponent even if they’re crouching

Producer Yamamoto says:
Ebony Tears is a lot easier to use now. Weak Metal Massacre has been changed to a single hit and does less scaling, so it might be useful for fast paced matches.

* Gekiken Fakeout has faster recovery. It’ll fail if the kick button is pressed too soon.
Gekiken maxed out will chip half the opponent’s guard meter
* Danken(throw) comes out slower. Neither weak nor fierce has invincibility. However, it can be Drivecanceled.
* Danken(reflect) builds up meter on a success. No drive meter buildup.
* EX Fukkogeki>Kouryuugeki has slower recovery when blocked. Completely punishable

Producer Yamamoto says: We’ve did a lot of adjustments to his Danken. The throw version is no longer 1F, but it can be drive canceled for additional damage. Gekiken’s feint has quicker recovery so it can be used to lengthen attack strings.

- Etincelle (qcf+P) builds up less meter
- Ex Reverie-Geler (qcb+P) has a longer recovery time on a success. Because of that, normal moves can’t be used to make an additional hit. The recovery time can be canceled with a special.
- An Ex version of her Reverie-Souhaiter (qcb+K) and Reverie-Prier (qcf+K) have been added in the game. It’s invincible while in movement and cancelable with a special. What’s more, the special will automatically come out as an Ex version without the cost of a meter. However, supers are an exception and will not turn into an Ex.
* Grand Rafale’s (qcf,hcb+P) damage has been dropped from 200 to 150.
- Noble-Blanche (qcf*2+P) has longer invincibility.
- Ex Noble-Blanche’s hitbox has been changed so that it’s easier to get in all the multiple hits. With this change, it lands full hit in the corner.
* Grand Rafale has more Max cancelable frames.

Producer Yamamoto says:
With the new Ex version of Reverie-souhaiter and Reverie-prier, she has more options for attacks. It can even be used as a sort of running throw with Mistral (hcb~f+P), so please try things out. Grand Rafale’s damage has been reduced to 150, but it can be Max canceled even after the first hit now. Also, Noble-Blanche can be Max canceled as well, so it can be used in various situations such as the finishing touch on combos.

* Crouching A > Crouching C is a chain combo. Can be canceled.
* Normal Buster Wolf’s (qcf x2+P) dashing speed is now identical to the EX version. But the Invincibility is the same as before.
- Far D’s recovery time has been reduced.
- Standing CD’s hit detection lasts a bit longer.
* Trinity Geyser’s (qcb~hcf+P) hitbox has been changed so that it actually hits 3 times.

Producer Yamamoto says:
We’ve mainly buffed up his normals, and he can do solid combos with the addition of chains. Also, His Trinity Geyser’s hitbox has been changed, and he can also hit the opponent afterwards in the corner.

- Crouching C’s recovery time has been reduced.
- Kirikabugaeshi’s (qcf+C) recovery time on a whiff has been reduced. Doesn’t cause a knockback when blocked.
* EX Chou Ukemi (qcb+BD) can be canceled with a special or a super. Meaning that Goro can go straight into a throw from his invincible roll.
* Kirikabugaeshi (hcf+C) and Kumotsukaminage (hcf+A) can be drive canceled.
* A super cancel version of Jigoku-Gokurakuotoshi (hcb*2+ P) has been added to the game.
* EX Chou Oosotogari’s (dp+BD) recovery time on a whiff has been reduced.

Producer Yamamoto says:
As a judo fighter, we’ve strengthened his grab attacks. You need to super cancel, but he can combo his Jigoku-Gokurakuotoshi from all sorts of grab attacks. He can even do HD combos with just grab attacks, so please try them out.

* Ex Screw Upper (qcf x2+P) will stay in position when it hits. With this change, Joe can’t be punished afterwards when he hits the opponent with it in the corner.
* Sliding can be canceled with his Bakuretsuken (rapid P). But not with any other specials.
* Hit detection will remain on the opponent after his sliding hits. Again, it can’t be canceled with anything but his Bakuretsuken, but he can go into HD mode from the slide.
* Slash Kick (hcf K) can be drive canceled.
- EX Tiger Kick (Ex dp+K) comes out faster. Has strong invincibility in the front.
- Screw Straight (qcf x2+K) comes out faster. It has no invincibility and it has the same shot limit as projectiles. (Probably means that you can’t do it while there’s another projectile on the screen.)

Producer Yamamoto says:
He can actually juggle other attacks aside from his Bakuretsuken after his slide so please try them from going into HD mode from his slide and whatnot. Also, his EX Screw Upper has been changed so you can use it in the corner without worrying. He does things a bit differently on a Max Cancel too.

- Ryo travels more forward when doing his Ko’ouken.
* Ryo’s parries" the Joudannuke (f+B) and Gedannuke (df+B) are faster (shorter overall frames). Gedannuke in particular is very fast and it can even be used for strings. (by canceling normals)
* Fierce Zanretsuken (f~b~f+C) recovers faster on a hit. It can be comboed to a weak Kohken (qcf A) in the corner.
* Standalone f +A Hyouchuuwari (meaning, not from a cancel) comes out faster.
- Weak Koho’s (dp+P) rising time/hit detection time has been reduced. But the move itself is faster, so it can be used for more various occasions.
* Weak Koho can be drive canceled and allows for juggling.
- Haou Shoukouken (f~hcf+P) comes out faster. It can be comboed from a normal fierce, or even be used as an anti-projectile.

Producer Yamamoto says:
We’ve mainly buffed up his defense, and it brings justice to his nickname “The invincible dragon”. Ryo’s unique moves, the Joudannuke and Gedannuke, have been dramatically changed. His Gedannuke is especially fast, and aside from using it for defense, it can also be used to reduce his recovery on attacks. His Weak Koho’s motion is also faster than before, and it can be used in HD combos.

Andy Bogard
* Normal/high jump D has better hitbox for use in crossups.
* Close C hits twice. The first hit has no knockback so his Hirate Uchi (forward + A) will combo without whiffing.
* B>D is a chain combo. Can be canceled.
* Chou Reppadan’s (qcb~hcf+K) damage has been increased from 162 to 198.
- EX Kuhadan’s invincibility (Ex hcf K) has been taken out.
* Chou Shin Soku Zan’eiken (qcb~hcf+AC) NeoMax comes out faster.

Producer Yamamoto says:
We’ve focused on buffing him up around his cancelable chains, two hit C, and crossups. In particular, you no longer have to worry about his Hirate Uchi whiffing from close C. His Neomax is very fast so please check it out.

* Phoenix Bomb (from Cancel: f.B) has a different trajectory from arcade version and hits a crouching opponent as a combo from a normal fierce.
* Weak Phoenix Arrow’s (air qcb K) recovery time has been reduced, but it also causes a shorter Hitstun on the opponent.
* EX Psycho Teleport (Ex qcf K) can be canceled with a special or super. The Arcade version only allowed drive canceling at the second half of the move, but it no longer has that limit and it’s also a normal cancel now (doesn’t cost drive meter).
- Standing CD comes out faster.
* Shining Crystal Bit (hcb x2+P) doesn’t move back on execution.

Producer Yamamoto says:
Weak Phoenix Arrow has been balanced so that it can’t be punished with normal moves on a block. Since there’s less worries about it being punished, it should be effective to use it together with her buffed up Phoenix bomb, There’s other changes that Athena users should be happy about, like her standing CD and her Shining Crystal Bit.

* Geshiki Kui (df + C) has a larger hitbox than before. Easier to attack opponent from his command throw.
* Fierce Shogetsu (qcb+P) moves more forward. It combos in most situations after close C> Yumebiki(forward + A A).
* Yaotome (including EX) can’t be saferolled after it hits.
* EX Shogetsu’s invinciblity has been taken out. However, he’s still invincible on his legs.
- Fierce Akegarasu (qcb+K) has shorter recovery when blocked. Can’t be punished with normal moves.

Producer Yamamoto says:
With Fierce Shogetsu’s longer reach and Fierce Akegarasu’s shorter recovery, it’s easier to do strings and combos. His Yaotome can’t be saferolled so attacking on wakeups may become important. With his EX Akegarasu’s projectile invincibility and EX Yaotome’s long invincibility, we’ve designed him to be playable in a different style from Flame Iori. Enjoy this Claw Iori that’s a bit different from the arcade version.


- (shown in video) Chin can do a close C from his d,d+K stance
- (shown in video) The weak version of his counter now has the attack come out faster than before and can connect into his rolling attack (HCF+K). As a result of this the counterattack almost never whiffs anymore, and there are very few situations in which he can’t follow up.
- (shown in video) He has less lag after his normal throw (both when in his stances as well as normally) and he can actually do followups in the corner.
- Chin’s defense no longer decreases when he has drink stocks
- The active time of his counters has been decreased. The normal version now has the active duration of the arcade’s EX version, and the EX version’s is shorter still.
- His EX counter does less damage, reduced from 237 to 199.

Yamamoto " We added some interesting buffs to gameplay using d,d+K. Although parry time on hk+LK {Ex qcb+BD} has been reduced, the overall frames are shorter making it difficult to get punished. Drinking is easier to use compared to the arcade now that there is no defense penalty. Please have fun with the now trickier Chin.

- (shown in video) All versions of Genie stay on the screen longer.
- (shown in video) Sans-culotte (ABCD) has had its damage scaling adjusted. It scales more overall.
- Floreal (forward) (b+B) has faster startup and can be comboed from light attacks.
- B version of Nivose (d_u+K) has had its invincibility increased. The invincibility ends as soon as the hitbox appears.
- EX Genie now knocks away while retaining its juggling properties
- (shown in video) Germinal now takes no gauge
- (shown in video) Thermidor’s startup is faster
- (shown in video) The version of EX Genie done using both kicks tracks the opponent.

Yamamoto " Genie remains on the screen for a longer time. It may be interesting to use Genie as a wall of defense as Ventose can now be used while Genie is present. Although Sans Culotte scales more frequently, please try using Germinal as that no longer requires stocks itself.

- (shown in video) stand CD has faster startup
- You can’t roll recover after being hit by his NEOMAX
- (shown in video) LK Hien Shippuu Kyaku {charge db~f+B} has faster startup, such that it can be comboed from light attacks.
- (shown in video) his f+A floats the opponent upwards if done by itself
- (shown in video) EX Genei Kyaku has less lag afterwards. In the corner you can follow up afterwards without using a drive stock.
- EX Ryuuko Ranbu has more lag after being blocked.
- (shown in video) EX Ryuuko Ranbu has had the damage for each of its hits adjusted. The entire move does the same damage, but its damage in combos has been buffed. The finishing hit now does 100 damage by itself.
- Haoh Shoukou Ken has faster startup and will combo from strong attacks.

Yamamoto " There’s no invincibility on Robert’s f+LP {f.A}, but when trading with a jump attack, it’s still possible to juggle afterwards. It’s a one command move, so good to keep in mind as an anti-air option. Not only can weak hien-shippukyaku combo from weak attacks, Ryugekiken is useful against opponents who roll forward.

- (shown in video) Strong version of Mayhem has less lag. If you hit with the edge of it you can do a strong attack as a followup.
- (shown in video) Added a new chain combo D -> D. Only cancellable in HD mode.
- jump CD is faster.
- (shown in video) EX Mayhem has faster startup.
- (shown in video) Strong version of Decide can be comboed into the Strong version of Mayhem.
- EX Decide has less lag and is easier to followup with normal attacks.
- (shown in video) Splash (including the followup version) can be super cancelled into Overkill AFTER it hits.
- (shown in video) Overkill can be MAX Cancelled.
- Overkill’s command has been made easier. If the last input is in any downward direction it will register.
- Damage adjustments:
* Her f+A (when cancelled) does 45 damage (down from 70)
* Her Overkill does 200 damage (down from 220)
* Her EX Mayhem does 120 damage (down from 160)

Yamamoto " She’s received a number of damage nerfs, but in exchange she has a lot more combo opportunities making the nerfs not so noticeable. Her air game has especially improved with her jump CD, EX Decide can be used afterwards to follow up.

- (shown in video) Weak Poison Breath has less lag. When it hits you can followup with his command throw
- Adjustments to Super Drop Kick (lol)
* Charge times have been increased.
* Invincibility removed
* Guard crush ability has been reduced
* Can no longer be connected after a guard cancel attack
* Knocks the opponent away.
- Jump D’s hitbox has been strengthened to hit downwards. It should whiff less often on short opponents
- (shown in video) Giant Bomb (feint) has less recovery
- EX Raiden Bomb’s forward travel distance has been reduced.
- (shown in video) Raiden Bomber now has complete invincibility.

Yamamoto " Although Super Dropkick has been weakened, shorter recovery on Giant Bomb Feint allows him to be played more trickily. With the improvement to his jump HK {j.D}, he has reliable attacks from the air leading to greater attack possibilities. Worthy of special mention, complete invincibility on Raiden Bomber means no more awkward looking trades.

- (shown in video)Strong Burning Hammer has less lag. You can combo it into his C Gatling Attack without needing to cancel.
- (shown in video) During Vulcan Punch (all versions) Ralf can move forward.
- (shown in video) EX Burning Hammer has faster startup and can be comboed from strong attacks.
- (shown in video) Both versions of Galactica Phantom can be charged.
- crouch D has less lag.

Yamamoto " Ralph=power is the simple equation we used here. The centerpiece being his chargeable Galactica Phantom. Damage increases as charge levels go up, release it earlier to improve damage with a super cancel. It’s nostalgic that he can move again during his Vulcan Punch.

- (shown in video) Jump D stays out longer
- (shown in video) close C has faster startup
- (shown in video) D Venom Strike (air) has a smaller recoil
- far D has less lag
- (shown in video) Slide can be cancelled without being cancelled into

Yamamoto " We focused on her normals mainly. Although the number of changes are few, it will change gameplay significantly as normals are used most often. Her slide is a great low move and since her close HP {s.C} isn’t affected by scaling easily, please us it often as a combo starter.

Kyo (a new color was shown on the video)
- (shown in video) 88 Shiki (df+D) moves forward more. As a result, stand C, df+D, QCF+K now does the full four hits.
- Kototsuki You (HCB+K) has more lag on block
- (shown in video) B version of 75 Shiki Kai (QCF+K) can now be followed up with other attacks. On the ground you can only follow up with an uppercut, but on a mid-air hit you can do more interesting things.
- (shown in video) Added an EX version for his mid-air Orochinagi. It does 3 hits and 300 damage. Unlike the ground version it has no invincibility but is very fast, so you can use it in combos or in air-to-air battles.
- far D has less lag.

Yamamoto " The air Orochinagi which he learned in KOF Sky Stage (laughs) and now the EX version on top of that has made him a master of the move. It’s now possible to do high damage combos off of a hit confirm with his df.HK>fb+HK {df.D > qcf+D}combo. Please try him out now that he has so many more attack options.

*Air EX qcb.P starts up faster
*s.B>C is now a target combo. Follow ups possible after it hits.
*His punch super is now a 1 frame throw
*When air qcb.P hits, it can be canceled with a special or greater
*His fb’s recovery time is improved

Aside from being a good way to disrupt guard, his punch super can be used effectively to catch opponents who roll past his fb. His fb game has improved and can be used as a central strategy now that the recovery is better. His air qcb.P can be cancelled with any special and the new s.B>C target combo can be linked by following with c.B or s.D. I recommend using these changes aggressively along with his fb whilst minding distances.

*The distance travelled on her dp as well as the angle of descent has been adjusted
*Her air throw coming off of dp.K has special follow up properties
(special follow up properties "ie- versus normal situations where an opponents in an air status that cannot be followed up on with subsequent attacks)
-s.B is faster
*j.A can be cancelled with her dive kick
-Movement limits on Yuri’s dive kick have been relaxed
*Her hcb.B is now a 1 frame cmd throw
-The invincibility after attack frames on EX hcb.K has been shortened
-Recovery on haoh-shokoken improved

Depending on which buttons get pressed on hcb.K, a 1 frame throw, a running throw, an invincible attack, the properties of the move change dramatically so it will be necessary to use the variations according to the situation. This will be a versatile weapon in her arsenal so please give the move a try in depth. The real spectacle here is her air throw from dp.K which is now a hit-anything move. Try racking up on damage in various situations!

-df.C has better recovery
*No recoil after air vapor canon
*Guard points on normal are now cancellable by specials
*Hit box on the follow up to EX Maxima Press improved. Can now hit from counter CD.
-No bounce back when EX Maxima Press is guarded. He’s now more vulnerable to punishes.

df.C can be used effectively as an early (okiwaza) anti-air as the recovery has improved. Also counter df.C and counter j.CD can be followed by EX Maxima Press for extra damage, possible to counter-confirm. Pressuring the opponent by earning precise follow-up damage is the ideal way to play Maxima.

Duo Lon
*Hit stun on EX f.A is adjusted. It is possible to combo with a strong attack or qcb.A after EX f.A.
*EX rekka can be cancelled with a special or greater
*fb frames have been adjusted. It is now easier to include the weak version in attacks strings and combos as it is faster.
*f.B can be cancelled by super or greater
-Damage adjusted on NM from 400 to 480

f.B, aside from one shot cancels, the following is also possible: f.A>qcb.B>f.B>super ,so a f.A intitiated hit confirm combo. His fb is now easier to leave on the screen so coordinate attacks with it on the screen.

*Recovery on EX Hishoukyaku improved. Follow-ups possible.
*ff.A has been improved to hit crouching opponents who are in hit stun.
-Recovery on hangetsuzan lengthened
*Air hangetsuzan hits crouching opponents who are in hit stun. However, upwards hitbox has been reduced.
*EX hangetsuzan has better recovery when blocked
-Properties of fbx2.K have changed. Both versions below have extended recovery on a whiff
Weak ver: Invincible, blows back opponent horizontally
Strong ver: No invincibility, launches straight up
-Weak Hienzan has less invincible frames. Also note well that invincibility is upper body only.
*EX Air phoenix kick added. There are a few frames of invincibility on the initial attack frames.

Hangetsuzan isn’t safe on guard so be careful. On the other hand is ff.A can hit crouching opponents in hit stun and EX hangetsuzan can be followed by ff.A in the middle of the screen so regardless of the opponent’s status or distance there will always be combo options available to Kim. So a little bit of a change, let’s use various moves to rush the opponent down without giving them a break!

*EX Ein trigger > 2nd shoot properties have been changed. The projectile hits twice and gradually increases in speed.
-Hit box and attack frames have been altered on j.B and j.D
*Air minute spike anywhere juggles
*Recovery improved on minute spike
-Recovery lengthened on Ein trigger " includes 2nd shoot/2nd shell
-Recovery lengthened for narrow spike when blocked
-Weak crow bites has less invincibility. Note that it is only upper body invincible.
-Minute spike properties changed (includes air). Move initiates at a consistent speed regardless of distance to the opponent.
*EX chain drive has special hit properties.

Although there are several nerfs, it is possible to score extra damage using air minute spike and the special hit properties on chain drive which was not possible in the arcade. You’ll be able to make up for the nerfs by jumping on chances to aggressively score additional damage. Worthy of special mention " EX 2nd shoot has been changed. It was often used to zone, but can now be used to gain the initiative from long distance.

*s.B adjusted. Compared to the arcade, Kula now moves forward giving the move greater range.
-Recovery on df.B improved
-EX Ray Spin no longer invincible
*EX Ray Spin Sit recovery improved
-EX Diamond Edge is faster
*Freeze execution adjusted. Faster and follow-up hitbox improved.
-EX Counter shell has a stronger hitbox

Both supers expending 2 meters have become more powerful. Both make Kula invincible and are good for interrupting opponents or as anti-airs. Her use of meter has increased, so she has become a character that will test meter management skills. It may be fun using the wire damage on counter hit on her EX counter shell.


Good for famitsu note. I can confirm that the online is good with people live in my country but for other it depend on the network quality of m'y openent. And this morning, I meet somebody witch use Ex Iori on PS3. I don't know how he get him...

Do you know if with a canadian version of the game I'll have to buy the DLC on The us store or I'll to obligatory buy on the canadian store? I know some game are different between us and candian... Thx you.

One last thing, after few days with the game, I can say It's an amazing fighting game, for me the best on PS3/360 and with it, the rebirth of SnK games!!! Get hype guys!!! The king is back on his throne :)


it would be cool if 2 users here with a decent connexion could make an online demonstration about the lag input placing a stick in front of the monitor an slowly/moderately pressing buttons.


Quote from: KBlackNoah on November 22, 2011, 01:28:11 PM
it would be cool if 2 users here could make an online demonstration about the lag input placing a stick in front of the monitor an slowly/moderately pressing buttons.

If only it would show how that would work out for everyone playing online.
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i think i will have to wait at least 1 extra week to get the game becasue i would do it like i did with XII.All these rumors about a laggy online are not cool news for me right now.A lot of people say the online is good on dreamcancel....can they show it in a 1 min video?

it should look something like this and both players should have a decent connexion..if possible cable

KOF XII online Test - 13/06/2011

I am interested in the experience people will have with XIII with a decent connexion.The rest should get better internet.


Here's a quick question. I know the game has an install option, how much space is required for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360?


About the IGN review, read the bolded out part: "The game has seen some improvements to the online component, but it still leaves something to be desired. In our online play session, we experienced some input lag during matches. While this wasn't as gamebreaking an issue as it was in KOF XII, it was enough to be an annoyance in online play. The problem wasn't constant, but it happened enough for us to take note."

Which means that the netcode allows people to play at low delays. The rest, are connection issues of each player, which are the player's fault. These guys don't know how to review netcodes.


Quote from: pablofsi on November 22, 2011, 01:55:26 PM
About the IGN review, read the bolded out part: "The game has seen some improvements to the online component, but it still leaves something to be desired. In our online play session, we experienced some input lag during matches. While this wasn't as gamebreaking an issue as it was in KOF XII, it was enough to be an annoyance in online play. The problem wasn't constant, but it happened enough for us to take note."

Which means that the netcode allows people to play at low delays. The rest, are connection issues of each player, which are the player's fault. These guys don't know how to review netcodes.

I really don't give 2 cents on ign.i want to see it in a video.


Quote from: KBlackNoah on November 22, 2011, 01:32:15 PM
i think i will have to wait at least 1 extra week to get the game becasue i would do it like i did with XII.All these rumors about a laggy online are not cool news for me right now.A lot of people say the online is good on dreamcancel....can they show it in a 1 min video?

it should look something like this and both players should have a decent connexion..if possible cable

KOF XII online Test - 13/06/2011

I am interested in the experience people will have with XIII with a decent connexion.The rest should get better internet.

Yeah, I would love to see someone do a test like this.

You could use a 60fps video camera, and firstly play in training mode or whatever offline, and hit, say, a st.A. After that you do it online, and when you've captured video of both, you could edit the video so that you have a side-by-side comparison between the two, timed by a button press, so that you can see the difference.

Of course, this wouldn't be a perfect test, but it would work.


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I don't get the hate against SRK, besides that article about the netcode, almost always they had talked good things about XIII, with their criticisms being well put

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I'm getting ready to go and pick it up! Can't wait to play it ones I arrive home.


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