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In an effort to replace to wibiya toolbar chat which provided members to chat while they were visiting the site and forums, we have now installed a chatango group chat which is on the sidebar of the homepage.

The full sized version of the group page is here:

When you hit the "set name" button, you can choose to be anonymous, have a temporary name, or sign-up to create a profile. Only signed up members can receive private messages.

Here is my chatango profile page for example:

In the chat you can see my location, my contact info (like my psn handle) and you can private chat with me if needed.

We will need some moderators for the chat. If you are interested, please create a profile and pm me the link.

Rules in the chat follow the same ones in the forums. Be respectful.

If you notice any spam or troublesome chat members, please post them here or contact a moderator for they can be banned.

Have fun. :)




Stupid question, can I add it to my IRC client? (If yes which serveur/chan?)

Chat ain't bad so far. Will probably use this for the online meet-ups, see how it compares to the tinychat.


--- Quote from: Sharnt on June 22, 2012, 02:59:50 PM ---Stupid question, can I add it to my IRC client? (If yes which serveur/chan?)

--- End quote ---

Sorry, the chat isn't IRC based.

I'm currently looking for more chatbox moderators. Myself and Solidshark are the only ones. I see there are some spammers trying to interact with the box and we need more people to look out for them. Here are the requirements:

1.) You must be active in the chat often or at least read and check up on things a few times a day.

2.) You must be able to delete and ban troublesome members (flamers and trolls) and spammers trying to post links. You must be able to have a good moral compass and not ban people just because you disagree with them or don't like them.

3.) You must know myself, Solidshark and the other moderators really well and haven't pissed them off. :)

4.) If you are already a moderator, wiki editor, or front page editor you may be considered ahead some folks but you must be active in the chat often.

If you are interested, post here stating why you are qualified to be a chat moderator.


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