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We are sticking with chatango.

We tried the wibiya toolbar chat plugin before and it was creating some issues with this site after awhile. We have gotten nothing but good responses from using chatango, and its easier for visitors to chat with us that don't want to use facebook, twitter or myspace.

Zen Woo:
yeah, wiyiba produces some strange bevahiors sometimes, it's a shame that it didnt worked out here, chatango is the best second choice for me, and yeah I support the anonimity. Thanks for the reply!

It seems that after we have moved to a different hosting server, the chatbox's embed code doesn't work on our front page anymore. I've tested the code on different html test pages and they aren't showing it either, so I think Chatango needs to update their code. I sent them an email, so hopefully they will fix it soon. At the moment we may be without a chat for a while or we can look at a different site for a new one.

Ok, I managed to get the chatbox back on the front page. Hopefully it stays there.


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