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I'd be a qualified moderator because first and foremost meet all the requirements stated above. Second, I have a lot of moderating experience. I am a mod on several different twitch channels and (while not exactly the same) an admin on many facebook groups, and have been for several years now.

My last reason I believe I am qualified is I'm also very knowledgeable when it come to KOF and many other games. Therefore, if anyone needs some assistance I would be a helpful resource as well!

Being active in the chat won't be a problem for me because I'm in there everyday almost all day or just show up often idling there. I know Desmond and SolidShark knows me, and other people have seen my name around. I'm fully aware of my judgement on what I should do and not to do.

Crimson_King15 and PureYeti has been added. Anyone else interested?

I'm interested.
I am active in the chat/on the site multiple times a day.
Solidshark, and Desmond know of I, and a few other users as well.
I haven't had any moderator experience, but I do have a pretty good moral compass.
I try to help and refer people to places on the site, and liven up the chat a bit when it's dull. 

This chat is GODLIKE! helps me kill time at work lol


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