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! style=height:1.9em|RankFor Wake-up and Recovery Roll, it's how many frames away they are from the average.
Negative being faster and positive slower.
Evaluate the character's rank in the Run/Walk speed chart.
For Standing and Crouching, it's the height group.
! StartupFor a jump, it'd be the number of frames before being airborne, the pre-jump frames.Number of frames before the action is active, first active frame NOT included. ! ActiveFor a jump, it'd be the number of frames the character is airborne, the jump frames.Number of frames the action is active for. ! RecoveryFor a jump, it'd be the number of frames after being airborne, the landing frames.Number of frames past its active frames for the action to end and the character to recover. |-

| style=height:1.9em| - | - | - | - |-


Correlates the values from the variables in this template to Template:CharDataHeader-SSVI and is later used to organize data gathered by a query via Template:FrameData-SSVI/Query. Alternate to Template:FrameData-SSVI.