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RankFor Wake-up and Recovery Roll, it's how many frames away they are from the average.
Negative being faster and positive slower.
Evaluate the character's rank in the Run/Walk speed chart.
For Standing and Crouching, it's the height group.
StartupFor a jump, it'd be the number of frames before being airborne, the pre-jump frames.Number of frames before the action is active, first active frame NOT included.ActiveFor a jump, it'd be the number of frames the character is airborne, the jump frames.Number of frames the action is active for.RecoveryFor a jump, it'd be the number of frames after being airborne, the landing frames.Number of frames past its active frames for the action to end and the character to recover.


Header assigned to the Template:MoveData-KOFXV table of a move to be displayed. As opposed to Template:MoveData-KOFXV/MoveHeader.