Dream Cancel, ReveLAtions and KOF XIII

Thanks to the work of THE ANSWER and Giby, Dream Cancel will be sponsoring its first tournament: a King of Fighters XIII side tournament at ReveLAtions. As a sponsor, Dream Cancel will be providing bonus prizes for the top placers.

Tournament information:
What: The King of Fighters XIII
When: Saturday June 11
Time: 2:00pm (be there on time)
Format: 2/3 Double elimination, winner keeps same team but can change order. Loser can change team and order
System: Taito Type X2 Ver.1.1 and we will have Jamma PS2 adapters so that you can bring your own PS2 sticks or we will provide sticks for you. Both players will be able to chose between a TE or a P360 MAS stick.
Fees: If you wish to participate on this event only you’ll only have to pay a $5 venue fee and a $10 tournament fee. If you already signed up for another of the main events you will only have to pay the $10 for the tournament fee.
Stream: TBA! Streaming from a Taito Type X2 is tricky so once LevelUp is able to test their equipment we’ll be able to confirm this.
FYI: Main events will have priority, so if any of you is called to play on a main event we’ll be happy to wait for you to complete your match as long as you let us before hand.

About ReveLAtions: http://www.tournamentlegacy.com/revelations/

Discussion and up-to-date information is available in the forum.


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