Dream Cancel t-shirt shop live

Photo of the prototype vintage t-shirt.

After discussing it with the community via the forum, the Dream Cancel t-shirt shop is live! We’re launching with 5 designs and 2 different methods of printing.

The vintage shirts use digital printing which creates a washed out, vintage look. The colors will fade over time and the manufacturer says the shirts will last about 2 years if washed in cold water and air dried. The modern shirts use flex printing which is a bit more expensive but creates vibrant, durable colors. The printing on these shirts should last much longer than the vintage shirts. The downside to flex printing is that a maximum of 3 colors can be used and the shirts are more expensive.

All shirts are hand made upon order and are available in S – XXXL. Unfortunately, the XXXLs are about $7 more due to the cost of the base shirt. International shipping is available.

The store is located at http://dreamcancel.spreadshirt.com. If you pick up a shirt, be sure to send in a photo of yourself wearing it.

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