This weekend Kof Dueling: 3-day KOF only event in Japan

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On a completely different subject– as Toxico mentioned a bit back, there’s a KOF event happening this weekend in Japan called “Duelling the KOF”. It’s probably the world’s largest KOF-only tournament, runs for a whopping 3 whole days. The main title is of course KOF13, which has somewhere around 120 participants. There’s also going to be KOF95,98, 2000, 2002UM.

The KOF13 2on2 tournament(pools below) will have many of the top players in Japan. In particular, look forward to Kaoru and Woo. The two players from EVO are apparently joining hands to take everyone down.

One of the big attractions at this 3-day event will be the “East Japan vs West Japan” 10-on-10 exhibition where they’ll finally fight out to see which side of the country is the strongest. It’s mainly going to be players from the nation’s capital Tokyo against SNK’s hometown Osaka which has a long-time rivalry against one another, so it’ll be rather interesting. What’s more, it’s taking place in the nation’s former capital– Kyoto, which makes it additionally iconic. Not all the top players are in the 10on10 roster, although hopefully they’ll end up in the TBA slots. This event will be taking place on Day 2 after all the finals are over.

The stream URL hasn’t been announced yet, I’ll post it here when it does.

Schedule (via Koucha)

Hours are in JST. Use this tool to figure out time zone stuff.

Day 1
11:30AM – KOF02UM 2on2 prelims
01:45PM – KOF98 2on2 prelims
04:00PM – KOF13CL 2on2 prelims

Day 2
11:30AM – KOF02UM 2on2 top8
1:30PM – KOF98 2on2 top8
3:30PM – KOF13CLIMAX 2on2 top8
5:30PM – EAST JAPAN vs WEST JAPAN 10 on 10

Day 3
12:00 Noon – SPECIAL Exhibition KOF13CL “DUNE vs TUNE”
01:00PM – KOF95 singles tournament
02:00PM – KOF97 singles tournament
03:00PM – KOF2000 singles tournament
04:00PM – KOF2002 singles tournament

KOF XIII East Japan (Tokyo) vs West Japan (Osaka) 10 on 10 Exhibition Roster

Tokyo/East Japan -Nation’s Capital
Shoki, M’, Picnic, Hiroto, Ichimu Mari, Ogosho, Giant (SBO/Tougeki 2nd place winner)
Remaining 3 players TBA at venue

Osaka/West Japan -SNK’s Homeground
Sange Tencho, Gussan, Tomo@kp, 777, Fujishima, Keronpa, Taki
Remaining 3 players TBA at venue

KOFXIII 2on2 Tournament brackets

Pool, A
Sugi, Fuzai vs Hiroto, Kyabetsu
Hokuto, Masao vs Apollo, Shingo

Cap, Ponza vs Sabohani, Montenegro
Dune, M’ vs Daisuke, Horihori

Pool B
Middle, Akshatsu vs Pan, Akira
Kubo, Oeppu vs Rotmix, Touch

Gacho, Sueh vs Manabu, Zorbon
Takayama, Shugakuryoko vs Twinkle, Nashi

Pool C
Motaka, Tonton vs BK, Yukina
Fujishima, Tomo@kp vs Shingo, P

Pepper, George vs Paprika, Nog
Golim, TUNE vs Au, Tales

Pool D
Ore, UeP vs Akihisa, Umibouzu
Taki, Gaia vs Shima, Tetsu

Hacker, Fukuizei vs Himei, K2
Kaoru, Woo vs Yusuke, TBA

Pool E
Daniel, Mayoshee vs Gussan, Ryu
Ogosho, ON|Haregoro vs Ikoshu, uGodan

Samson, Aurther vs Giant, Mr.Mells
Hamtie, Kei vs Sugi, Yusuke

Pool F
Maccoy, Takohiro
Toshi, Nicol vs Jamko, Mahiru

Rinomoto, Koukou vs 777, Tachi
Kabao, Aurther vs Ansaga

Pool G
Kiyotaka, Keronpa
RedUpin, Mochidaimyou vs Innochi, Sora

Naoki, Shoki vs Tarokichi, Cut
Kazuo, ParaD vs Ken-ney, Nuff

Pool H
Killey, Yagami
Nike, Okome vs TenchouHosa, Sange Tencho

NiryuHunter-Aya, Tenga vs Vulcan, Michishiba
Frico, Fuzai vs Yachi, Ichigoman

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  • Xavi Baez – He scored against U de Chile and also did the assist in which Magallon scored from and where Chivas won the game 2-0, advancing to the Final in the Libertadores and he showed great potential

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