New KofXIII Steam Edition Update brings rematch option, rage quit penalizations, and performance optimizations

With the release of Kof XIII Steam Edition a little bit over a month ago, the dev team at SNK Playmore are still hard at work tweaking the game.  The new update posted today introduced a few tweaks including:

– Restart player matches (on the results screen you can now restart a match using the same team and order without having to return to the lobby or character select screen)
– Rage Quit penalty system
– Some performance optimizations

To read more about the update, check out the post on the official steam forums.

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  • About RQPS, I was a bit surprised that they added, TBH, regarding the fact that quite a few still claim to have fun
    in the games is all they want and a respect for “random ppl” is something else. Which,,,shouldn’t be the case for the
    offline scene, right? Somehow ppl online are not “real” for whatever the reason. I think this change should have good effects on both online and offline scenes since some users and devs are indeed showing they do care.

    oh and KOF world’s steam key contest (there was a bit funny one) u guys gonna talk about it here?

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