TGA Kof2002um Finals (Updated with results)

(Update)  The player names were mixed up on stream for grand finals.  We have updated the results below:

The TGA Kof 2002um finals will be start tonight at 4:40am Eastern time (4:40pm Shanghai time).  The tournament features a large pot of over $12,000 USD.

The players who made to to the finals are as follow:

1. 希焱 (Hong Kong)
2. xyzzy (Korea)
3. Cap (Japan)
4. 包子 (Taiwan)
5. ET (Taiwan)
6. zz (水魚)(China)
7. Madkof (Korea)
8. XiaoHai (China)

Check out the live stream and brackets below:

If you can’t wait till 4 am to watch the finals, check out some of the backstage preparations for the tournament:


1. Qanba| XiaoHai
2. CAP
3. zz (水魚)
4. 希焱

Match logs:

Top 8:
希焱 vs XYZZY 3-0
CAP vs 包子 3-2
ET vs zz (水魚) 0-3
XiaoHai vs Madkof 3-0

Top 4:
希焱 vs CAP 2-4
zz (水魚) vs XiaoHai 1-4

Grand Final:
CAP vs XiaoHai 0-4 (Note:  player names were reversed in the stream)

Check out the replays below:
希焱 vs CAP

zz (水魚) vs XiaoHai
CAP vs XiaoHai


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