Crazy Battle Circuit KoF XIV Tournament – 8/26/18

Crazy Battle Circuit

Don’t miss the Sixteenth battle on the 2018 Crazy Battle Circuit, slated to be The King of Fighters XIV on Steam! The tournament is open to players of all skill levels as long as you have stable, wired internet. It will take place on Sunday, August 26th @ 1PM PDT (4PM Eastern). To see more details and sign-up, please see the official website’s page for the game at or the Challonge page.

Be sure to catch all the action whether you’re an entrant or spectator. All matches will be streamed at

For best results, make sure to be present in the aforementioned Twitch channel for match call-outs and other information. Join our official Discord Server to keep up with events, results, and to find practice matches. I encourage those participating to send me a friend request on Steam so that I can invite you to the lobby when it comes time to play your match. You can also find me in the Dream Cancel Discord server under the handle “Ϲ(^ω^)Ɔ Koko” if you have questions regarding this. You can also access my Steam profile through Discord in order to send the friend request.
Profile lookup demostration

When starting matches, make sure I am in spectator position for your match and wait until you are told to begin. Failure to do so may cause your match to not be caught on stream. I will ask you to quit and restart your match if it is not being viewed properly. Please do not rush to start your match.

For compatibility reasons, I recommended you set your selected stage to the Training Stage in your Online Profile. Please do not use either “Random” or “Transcontinental Railroad”. The railroad crashes my game and Random has a chance of pulling it up, thus breaking the room.

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