Weekly Round Up: US KOF XIV Competitions

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February 23rd

NGWT – Socal Retro Gaming Expo

This weekend, the Neo Geo World Tour stops in LA for the Socal Retro Gaming Expo. Players competed in intense fighting over two days to crown the KOF XIV champion of the event. It came down to Luis Cha and TxC | El Rosa. Luis Cha battled out of loser’s bracket in Grand Finals to force a reset with a 3-0 lead. On the reset, El Rosa battled back and took the qualifier spot 3-1. This will be El Rosa’s first time qualifying for the Neo Geo World Tour.

Top 3:

1. TxC | El Rosa

2. Luis Cha

3. TC | Pepe


Dream Cancel Online #11

The 11th monthly tournament hosted by Dream Cancel had exciting matches on PS4. Hawaii Monkey took his Joe and ran through loser’s bracket all the way to loser’s finals. There was intense back and forth between Purest (Shota), but Hawaii Monkey could not be stopped. He took that momentum into Grand Finals against KenshixHimura. Using his Joe, Monkey rushed down Kenshi into a bracket reset and took the title. Not new to online tournaments, this marks a return for HawaiiMonkey to competitive KOF XIV after a break.

Top 3:

1. HawaiiMonkey89

2. KenshixHimura

3. Purest

Watch KenshixHimura vs Hawaiimonkey – Grand Finals – Dream Cancel KOFXIV Online Tournament #11 from dreamcancelsnk on www.twitch.tv

Full Moon #9

Full Moon #9 in New York City featured some big name competitors like Marco Polo, Vic Viper, Romulus, and Shadow780. Top 4 was an intense back and forth between Vic Viper and Animonk, leading into a tense fight between Shadow780 and Animonk. In Grand Finals, Marco Polo took his patented Luong to a 2-0 victory to take the crown.

Top 3:

1. KCO | Marco Polo

2. Shadow780

3. PAG | Animonk


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