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Lightning’s Podcast Episode 1: Sanwa| Laggia Interview

Give a listen to Lightning’s new podcast where he interviews KOF players from around the world to discuss the competitive KOF scene and their thoughts on the upcoming King of Fighters XV game releasing in February 2022.

(an excerpt from the video’s description section)

Welcome to the 1st episode of the Lightning’s Podcast where I invite players from around the world to talk about the competitive scene of the KOF series. Today’s special guests is Sanwa|Laggia from Japan!

If you’re interested in learning more about Laggia and his honest opinions about KOF, give the podcast a listen. Share your thoughts in the comment section on YouTube as well.

King of Fighters XV Releases February 17th 2022

Today SNK dropped a massive trailer showcasing many of the games modes, features and quick glimpses at new characters for King of Fighters XV!

There are some slight changes to Max Mode, a new Shutter Strike system that grants you a bar of meter when hit, and many new modes as well!

It seems that there is more info possibly August 27th!

SNK Announces Multiple Platform Launch For King of Fighters XV

SNK recently published a tweet that announced a simultaneous multi-platform release for King of Fighters XV, slated to release the first quarter of 2022!

This is a definite change from the King of Fighters XIV release that did not have a multi-platform launched when the game was launched back in 2016. Do you think the game will feature crossplay between these platforms? Share what you think the comment section below.

KOF98 Online Tournament: The Dream Match Series #1 – 6/26/2021

The King of Fighters 98 discord server named “KOF98: The Serverfest” is starting a KOF98 online tournament series titled: “The Dream Match Series”. This Saturday will be the first tournament in that series, and will be ran every 4 weeks. Below is the announcement that is posted in the discord server:

I am SO excited to show you guys the first big step for this server: The Dream Match Series! That’s right, every 4 weeks, a BIG KOF98 tournament will be hosted right here and everyone’s been invited! June 26th will be a day you won’t wanna miss out on, folks. If you want this to be as big as I know you want it to be, invite friends, foes, new players, old players, skilled, and future skilled. We want this to FEEL like a large worldwide tournament. Let’s get this thing out to everyone and have everyone watching your kickass games!

Challenge the Battle Dream!

Check-in starts at 5pm CST, and the bracket will begin promptly at 6pm CST/7pm EST, Saturday June 26th.

Discord Server:
Tournament intro video –
Tournament sign-up page –

Our Wiki Now Enables Dark Mode!

The Dream Cancel wiki now has the option for readers and editors to toggle on and off dark mode! Press the “Dark Mode” option at the top right to turn it on or off. Some images that have white backgrounds may need to be edited to have transparent backgrounds to not standout so much while in dark mode.

Please take some time and check out various pages on the wiki to see how it looks in both dark mode compared to light mode.

Also, our wiki has received many great updates to our King of Fighters 98UMFE page, The Last Blade 2 page, King of Fighters 2002UM page and our Samurai Shodown VI page. Our King of Fighters XV wiki is being update slowly with character pages whenever characters reveals are released. Thank you so much for your edits and quality submissions.

The King of Fighters XV Wiki Page Created

Following the excitement of the King of Fighters XV first trailer ( released by SNK recently, we have created a wiki landing page for the game!

More information will be added when more news is shared from SNK! If you would like to help us, be sure to create an editing account. We plan to have our wiki become the most helpful written gameplay resource for KOFXV!

Why is KOF Considered Hard?

Have you ever wondered why many fighting game players feel that the KOF series is very hard to learn on a competitive gameplay level? If so, check out the new article written thefgtreehouse, explaining in detail, the challenges players face when learning how to properly play King of Fighters.

If you have ever approached the king of fighters series as a new player, there is something that you most likely will have heard or stumbled upon: “KOF is hard”

I am wondering though, how many people will have encountered an exact explanation of what might make the game hard to approach if that is a hard truth at all…

In this article, I will try and do just that by breaking down not only the aspects that supposedly make the game hard, but I will also do it in order of importance (in my opinion).

Read the rest of the article:

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