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Our Wiki Now Enables Dark Mode!

The Dream Cancel wiki now has the option for readers and editors to toggle on and off dark mode! Press the “Dark Mode” option at the top right to turn it on or off. Some images that have white backgrounds may need to be edited to have transparent backgrounds to not standout so much while in dark mode.

Please take some time and check out various pages on the wiki to see how it looks in both dark mode compared to light mode.

Also, our wiki has received many great updates to our King of Fighters 98UMFE page, The Last Blade 2 page, King of Fighters 2002UM page and our Samurai Shodown VI page. Our King of Fighters XV wiki is being update slowly with character pages whenever characters reveals are released. Thank you so much for your edits and quality submissions.

The King of Fighters XV Wiki Page Created

Following the excitement of the King of Fighters XV first trailer ( released by SNK recently, we have created a wiki landing page for the game!

More information will be added when more news is shared from SNK! If you would like to help us, be sure to create an editing account. We plan to have our wiki become the most helpful written gameplay resource for KOFXV!

Why is KOF Considered Hard?

Have you ever wondered why many fighting game players feel that the KOF series is very hard to learn on a competitive gameplay level? If so, check out the new article written thefgtreehouse, explaining in detail, the challenges players face when learning how to properly play King of Fighters.

If you have ever approached the king of fighters series as a new player, there is something that you most likely will have heard or stumbled upon: “KOF is hard”

I am wondering though, how many people will have encountered an exact explanation of what might make the game hard to approach if that is a hard truth at all…

In this article, I will try and do just that by breaking down not only the aspects that supposedly make the game hard, but I will also do it in order of importance (in my opinion).

Read the rest of the article:

KOF2002UM Rollback Netcode Returns FOR GOOD! Which Game Do You Think Is Next?

On Tuesday, November 10th, SNK released a finished rollback netcode update worked on by Code Mystics, for King of Fighters 2002UM on Steam. The update adds new some features to the netplay and graphics system such as scanlines, a win-loss screen at the end of matches, name display during matches, and a playback/replay mode!

Code Mystics expressed gratitude to the FGC for their assistance and support:

Which SNK title do you think is next to receive a rollback netcode update? Share your thoughts in the comments!

King of Fighters 2002UM Is Getting Rollback Netcode! Join The Beta Test

We are proud to officially announce that King of Fighters 2002UM On Steam is getting rollback netcode! SNK tweeted this out:

Be sure to join the OPEN community beta Thursday, October 1st!

The Bodega Classic #5: KOFXIV PS4/Steam Online Tournament Results

The fifth Bodega Classic was held this past weekend (September 11th and 12th 2020) for King of Fighters XIV PSN/Steam players! Well known players such as Luis Cha, Violent Kain, Decimo and El Rosa were featured in the PSN bracket, while many other talented players were in the Steam bracket.

Below are the tournament results from the PS4 and Steam/PC brackets:

Be sure to watch the video archives on Twitch:
Day 1 Steam bracket:
Day 2 PSN bracket:

Matcherino for PS4:
Matcherino for PC:

1 2 3 100