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January 2018 King of Fighters XIV Dream Cancel Wiki Update

Our KOFXIV wiki has gain a considerable amount of progress but still needs some attention on a few pages. All the pages has links to the frame data google doc, and has video links to beginner breakdowns, and character tutorials. Many pages need Quick Combo Reference additions but will most likely use combos from the KOFXIV BNB Combos Guide.


Bandeiras page is completely blank. If you play Bandeiras, please add in what you know and what you are interested in sharing.


Chang’s page needs combos and perhaps extra attention to any typos in the movelist descriptions.


Clark’s page may need more stronger descriptions in the normals section, and a closer look in the combos section.

Geese Howard:

Geese’s page needs stronger descriptions in the whole movelist, and better combos in the combo lists.

Goro Daimon:

Daimon’s throw description section needs attention, and more descriptions in the combo section.


Hein’s page needs descriptions in the throws and special move sections. Combos are needed too.


Kukri’s page is compeletely blank.


Leona’s page needs more combos in the combo section.



Meitenkun & Mian pages just need a typo look through, with more combos added.


Nelson’s movelist needs updating to version 2.0, and needs combos added to his combo section.

Ralf Jones:

Needs movelist description update & combos added to the combo section.


Ramon’s page is compeletely blank.

Sie Kensou:

Kensou’s page need combos in the combos section.

Tung Fu Rue:

Needs a look through in the movelist description, and combos in the combo section.


Vanessa’s page is completely empty.


Needs more combos and descriptions in the combos section.


Just needs more descriptions in the movelist, and combos in the combos section.


Yamazaki’s page is empty with just two entries in the normals section.


Zarina’s combos section needs updating.

If you play certain characters, please take the time to look through the google doc of your character to make sure information is correct, accurate while being short and clear as possible:

SNK Announces King of Fighters XIV Version 3.0, New Upcoming DLC Character To Be Playable At EVO Japan 2018

SNK has recently announced that a King of Fighters XIV Version 3.0 will be on the way, with a playable new DLC character to be featured at Evo Japan 2018 at their SNK booth, January 26th to 27th!

For a while, many players have been concerned about upcoming support of King of Fighters XIV, but now with the past announcement of the new Saudi Arabian female character, it makes sense now that a version 3.0 will be released sometime in 2018! There aren’t any details on version 3.0 at the moment.

The joker in the poster is bringing speculation to many players wondering if it will be a different, NEW DLC character to be playable or announced, or if it will be just the Saudi Arabian Character.

Here are some wishlists for version 3.0

Post your thoughts in the comment section below!

What Is “The King of Winter”?

The month of December will be very eventful for King of Fighters XIV events both online and offline in the US! The “King of Winter” is a campaign to bring awareness to these stellar events with their rich talent! Spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of the US KOF community, Dreamcancel will be promoting these events!

Don’t miss out! If you can’t attend, be sure to watch!

December 2nd 2017 – Las Vegas Championship

Free entry $1000 Pot Bonus for KOFXIV

Also during the Last Vegas Championships: Side Tournament for King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, $10 Entry, $100 Pot Bonus

December 10th 2017 – Dream Cancel KOFXIV Online Tournament #6 (PS4)

December 15th – 17th 2017 – Northeast Championships 18

$1000 Pot Bonus

December 30th KCO KOFXIV Online Tournament #5 (Steam) (link coming soon)

We hope you enjoy this action-packed December as the “King of Winter” rages on! We’ll be adding more tournaments in to the list as they’re announced. Be sure to also check the Worldwide KOF Calender to keep aware!

New Saudi Arabian Female Fighter to Join The King of Fighters XIV

Lots of King of Fighters XIV players have been wondering if developmental support for the game was ending, but it seems that new DLC will be added to the game! A new female fighter from Saudi Arabia (with a complimented stage) will be joining the cast of characters sometime in the future. The fighter was designed from a social media contest winner for a possibly new fighting game title, but now the character has been chosen to join KOFXIV. The character’s stage will be included as DLC also.

What do you think of this? How do you feel about this new character? Do you think there will be more new characters added? Do you think there may be a balance patch and/or an update on the rest of the game?

Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Gemastu, SNKGlobal

Dream Cancel #KOFXIV Wiki Discord Bot Created By OdaBugs

The KOF community recently have been working hard to update the Dream Cancel King of Fighters XIV wiki through Google docs! To further help players, recently Odabugs installed a discord bot in our Discord Server for you can access any King of Fighters XIV character wiki page! Pages for KOFXI & KOFXIII are supported! More games will be supported soon!

It’s really easy to summon a wiki page from the bot! Just follow the examples above: !wiki catagory character

catagory: kofxiv or xiv or kofxiii or xiii

character: iori or terry or kyo

The bot works in all of the channels in the Dream Cancel Server.

Feature suggestions are welcome! Post your thoughts in the comments section!

Big thanks to Odabugs for creating & intergrating this bot on our server!

If you want to help with the Dream Cancel KOFXIV wiki, follow this link with public guides that anyone can add information to:

King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition Review

The King of Fighters XIV provides players who are PC players an opportunity to experience the game with a bit more features & options than the console ps4 version.

Even though KOFXIV was released on PS4 in August of 2016, there were still many players who were highly anticipating the game being released on Steam for PC. Now that the game is released on PC, it will bring it a lot of those players who were waiting patiently as well as new players who don’t have a PS4 console (or that do but like to play fighters on PC instead).

The game is currently at version 2.01. In this review, I will give my thoughts on how the Steam version has properly optimized & showcased the game’s graphics, gameplay, and the replay value of the game!


In version 1.10 there was a very big update that increased & updated the game’s visuals. In the Steam version, the graphics have a very slick look & very fluid animation. You can also change the visual details in the graphics options if you feel that your graphics card can’t properly utilize certain functions for increased performance.


Like with most KOF games, the gameplay is fun & easy to learn for beginners with the tutorial section. You can learn the basic gameplay mechanics that you will use as tools for battles both offensively and defensively.

Training mode now has recording slots for different conditions that are now EXTREMELY helpful for intermediate players and expert players to constantly test new strategies, tactics, setups, situations & move properties:

Online play from many players report that the netcode is superior to the PS4 version in terms of less delay/lag in between opponents.


Things to keep players busy playing King of Fighters XIV are extras unlocked by playing story mode (& other modes), a robust training mode, many different modes & options when playing online. A digital art book is featured in one of the folders the game is installed in: /Steam/steamapps/common/

Also, the game is being worked on constantly for balance updates, more possible DLC content & technical fixes for bugs, glitches & improved features! Which new DLC content would you like to see featured?


One of the main criticisms many players & potential buyers feel at the moment is that the price of both the standard & deluxe version should be lowered for more people who aren’t fully committed & aren’t hardcore fans of King of Fighters to buy. Steam offers many sales throughout the year that lowers the price a considerable amount but many people feel the retail default price should be lowered.

Another criticism players have expressed is that they feel the game’s graphical optimization (at it’s current state) should be improved or specified more in-depth regarding running the game on different kinds of PC hardware. Some players feel the game runs a little slow FPS-wise on certain stages that have lots of animations in the background. A fair amount of players feel that the game runs perfectly on their computer, however. It might just be an issue of players not meeting the correct and exact PC specs or certain kinds of hardware aren’t running the game at it’s full potential.


If you have the PS4 version, with a good gaming PC, you should buy KOFXIV Steam Edition so you can expand your online player base with those who may not have a PS4. If you have a gaming laptop that meets the requirements to run KOFXIV, you can play this game wherever you are!

If you have a PC & you love King of Fighters, you should definitely buy this game because the character roster is large & unique, the amount of content featured is impressive, the gameplay is fun, rewarding & welcoming for new players, & the online experience is one of the best among many fighting games released now!

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