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Drive Cancel Radio JAPAN podcast #3

BioBooster, solidshark and Saitsuofleaves continue commentary coverage of the KOF XIII Climax Kohaku Battles, covering the third week, seeing how heavy arcade goers take to the Climax release. This week proved to be the most impressive yet, with new players showing more confidence in their play, and some great winstreaks to boot. Fans and/or interested players of Mai will want to take notice here.

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 8: Team Chaos

Desmond Delaghetto and David Kong interview Team Chaos (StolenHope, Yoshi, Romance, The Beast and Soma), learning more about the team’s history as well as KOF history. Enjoy!

Episode 8: Team Chaos

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Drive Cancel Radio JAPAN podcast

BioBooster and Solidshark have created a spinoff to the Drive Cancel Radio podcast called Drive Cancel Radio Japan! Both Americans living in Japan, they will bring you weekly (or so) live casts discussing and sharing how the players in the arcades are enjoying KOFXIII Climax.


“With EVO this close and people quite keen on talent just about everywhere, solidshark and I ran a cast to help expose the Japanese scene to DC now that Climax is being taken up in earnest in various locations out here.

Our goal is to get peeps intimate with the players, provide updates on the scene and get everyone familiar with the match format at Nishinippori Versus arcade famous for having done 84 weeks of 2k2UM tourneys touting the best of the best in eastern Japan. 2k2 has finally taken a back seat and it’s Climax in the spotlight from this point forward.

Watch Climax matches with us as top players make the transition from the legendary 2k2 game which is now done with it’s run. Time for some XIII for real.

We’ll see you guys for a follow-up with week 3 Kohaku Climax battles on another cast next week! Yeeeeeeeargh!!” – BioBooster

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 7 – Relaunch

Desmond Delaghetto is joined by David Kong for the relaunch of Drive Cancel Radio. This episode, they’re talking to A-Visionz, aka ApocryphicV about this past Power Up 2012 KOFXIII Tournament and discussing their plans for the future of the show. They also talk about the results from Shadowloo Showdown 2012 and Seasons Beatings 2012.

Episode 7: Transition

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Drive Cancel Radio Special Edition: 2011 Wrap Up

While we work on getting our show up and running, we decided to resurrect Drive Cancel Radio for a special year end edition. 2011 has been the best year for The King of Fighters community maybe ever. KOFXIII has rekindled the series and expanded the audience to levels I don’t think we’ve seen before. Because of this, we had to send 2011 off in style. Join Desmond Delaghetto, FataCon and me for the discussion.

2011 Wrap Up

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 6

Another month in the wait for The King of Fighters XIII console release has passed! To mark the occasion, Desmond and I discuss the recent South Town ranbats with HotPockets/HellPockets, Reiki, RodgerDodger and FataCon; Kane317 shows up for a bit but then we lose him in a “bad area.” We also discuss the future of the podcast and the upcoming online XIII tournament.

Episode 6: South Town Ranbats

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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 5

Another month in the wait for The King of Fighters XIII console release has passed! To mark the occasion, we recorded a new episode of Drive Cancel Radio. Ash aka CMD Duc and Laban join Desmond Delaghetto and myself to discuss all things KOFXIII. Duc tells us about his trip to Southtown Arcade to play in their KOFXIII ranbats and then joins in with Laban to detail the console changes as well as discuss EVO. Desmond and I also fit in some chat room questions.

Episode 5: KOFXIII Details

Drive Cancel Radio episode 5 records Sunday

Drive Cancel Radio logoDesmond and I will be joined by Kane317, THE ANSWER and Giby this Sunday at 1pm Central to record the next episode of Drive Cancel Radio. We’re going to discuss EVO and all of the news that came out of it, get opinions on the console port and ask Kane317 about his trip to Southtown Arcade for the recent Ranbat.

On top of that, Desmond had the idea to take community questions through the toolbar chat. Be in the chat and post a question and we’ll get answers.

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 4

We’re back with our latest episode of Drive Cancel Radio. In this episode, your hosts, Desmond Delaghetto and nilcam, are joined by THE ANSWER and Giby to discuss EVO! We cover the KOFXIII side tournament, THE ANSWER drops a little bit of info on what Atlus plans for EVO and Giby tells us about his fundraising efforts for the EVO pot. If you’re interested in donating to the prize pot, you have until Sunday! Donate here:

Episode 4 – EVO

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