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Drive Cancel Radio Special Edition: 2011 Wrap Up

While we work on getting our show up and running, we decided to resurrect Drive Cancel Radio for a special year end edition. 2011 has been the best year for The King of Fighters community maybe ever. KOFXIII has rekindled the series and expanded the audience to levels I don’t think we’ve seen before. Because of this, we had to send 2011 off in style. Join Desmond Delaghetto, FataCon and me for the discussion.

2011 Wrap Up

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 6

Another month in the wait for The King of Fighters XIII console release has passed! To mark the occasion, Desmond and I discuss the recent South Town ranbats with HotPockets/HellPockets, Reiki, RodgerDodger and FataCon; Kane317 shows up for a bit but then we lose him in a “bad area.” We also discuss the future of the podcast and the upcoming online XIII tournament.

Episode 6: South Town Ranbats

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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 5

Another month in the wait for The King of Fighters XIII console release has passed! To mark the occasion, we recorded a new episode of Drive Cancel Radio. Ash aka CMD Duc and Laban join Desmond Delaghetto and myself to discuss all things KOFXIII. Duc tells us about his trip to Southtown Arcade to play in their KOFXIII ranbats and then joins in with Laban to detail the console changes as well as discuss EVO. Desmond and I also fit in some chat room questions.

Episode 5: KOFXIII Details

Drive Cancel Radio episode 5 records Sunday

Drive Cancel Radio logoDesmond and I will be joined by Kane317, THE ANSWER and Giby this Sunday at 1pm Central to record the next episode of Drive Cancel Radio. We’re going to discuss EVO and all of the news that came out of it, get opinions on the console port and ask Kane317 about his trip to Southtown Arcade for the recent Ranbat.

On top of that, Desmond had the idea to take community questions through the toolbar chat. Be in the chat and post a question and we’ll get answers.

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 4

We’re back with our latest episode of Drive Cancel Radio. In this episode, your hosts, Desmond Delaghetto and nilcam, are joined by THE ANSWER and Giby to discuss EVO! We cover the KOFXIII side tournament, THE ANSWER drops a little bit of info on what Atlus plans for EVO and Giby tells us about his fundraising efforts for the EVO pot. If you’re interested in donating to the prize pot, you have until Sunday! Donate here:

Episode 4 – EVO

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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 1

We’re back with a new episode and an official title – Drive Cancel Radio! Also note, that Drive Cancel is a monthly podcast.

This episode we get a recap of the recent GGPO first-to-10 sessions from Desmond Delaghetto and solidshark. Desmond also gives us a hint at an upcoming GGPO event he’s planning. After that, Desmond, solidshark and I have a discussion with Kane317, The Answer, Reynald (aka l2slythe) and metaphysics regarding King of Fighters XIII. We get their overall impressions on the game, its balance and tier list as well as advice on facing K’ and Raiden. They also discuss some upcoming videos they’re working on to help inform potential XIII players.

Download Episode 1.

Mobile users can download the mp3 from here.

Dream Cancel Podcast Episode 0

Welcome to the Dream Cancel podcast!

Desmond Delaghetto put forth the idea to start up a podcast. After some brainstorming and a practice attempt, we are proud to present episode 0. This episode features Desmond Delaghetto, Jinxhand, solidshark, steamwolf and me. We discuss the recent GGPO KOF 2002 first-to-10 as well as a short news section regarding the site and our community.

Let us know what you think and offer any suggestions.

Download here:

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