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One question to people who are playing this game, does K' still says "nandato?" when he is defeated?
On most of the videos he just screams, but I noticed that sometimes Iori says his classic "kono mama dewa owaranzo"and sometimes he just screams (I think the same happens with Shen).
I know it is a stupid question but those are some of the many things I love about KOF (although it doesn´t affect the game itself, of course).

Ralf Jones / Re: Ralf Jones
« on: October 15, 2010, 03:58:46 AM »
I can´t wait to try Ralf in this game, problem is a lot of the moves I used in XI are gone (unblock, upper and lower Ralk Kick & Argentina backbreaker)

I think a ratio system or banning characters is not the answer (bosses excluded), but I understand that is something you guys have agreed on for this particular tournament (and as you mentioned, noone is forced to do it if they don´t want to).
As some people said before, I found it challenging and exciting to try to beat a top tier character.
And of course, I wanna select the character I want, and when I play this game I WILL play as Raiden (I liked the character design since the beggining) and as K' (one of my favourite characters).
I like others like the complete Fatal Fury Team, Kyokugenryu Team, Yagami Team, Kim, Kyo, Shen, King & of course Ralf. I will be using those too, point is I don´t like anyone telling me wich character/team I can or can´t use.
Again, I don´t mean in this paticular case cause it is something you have agreed on and noone is forced to go by it, but this is my take on the matter, both for tournies and casuals.
The character is not a boss but from the regular roster....then deal with it....or send hate mail to SNK (or whoever created the game).

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: October 15, 2010, 03:37:33 AM »
That 1.1 video was pretty cool, can´t wait to see more.
Hope more videos are uploaded this weekend.
I would like like to see new videos with Ralk, Clark, Terry & Ryo. Just like there was a lot of Leona and Iori on this one, I would love to see more stuff about those characters.

Ryo Sakazaki / Re: Ryo Sakazaki
« on: October 15, 2010, 03:32:27 AM »
I have always been aware of Ryo's potential cause he is one of my characters in XI (and will be in XIII).
He had sooo many weapons and ways to attack and counter attack different characters.
Just like the rest of the cast, he has less moves now but I am pretty sure he can still kick some ass in this one.

Meet & Greet / hello!
« on: October 15, 2010, 03:28:11 AM »
Hello everyone, I saw the link to this forum from the SRK forums, and since I am a Kof fan here I am.

I agree, infinites are bullshit no matter what.
If a character is really bad, I mean reaaaaallly useless, an infinite combo is not the way to fix it.
Change/add usefull attacks to improve him, but no infinites on my book.

and K' and Raiden are still the same, the very characters you guys were clamoring about being broken/OP in the first place, and some character specific infinities are still in there. what are you going to do now?
First of all, I'm going to wait the console version. And I hope they include some kind of arrange mode more balanced than the arcade one, where K' and Raiden have been nerfed. But if they don't do this, then I'm just going to put all my efforts in find the keys to defeat K' and Raiden with characters I like. And if I can't because they so overpowered that is totally impossible win them without putting K' and Raiden in my team, then I'm not going to play this KOF anymore.

I don´t think it will come to that.
I remember in the old ones there were a lot of ridiculously broken characters like Heidern or Billy (I´m talking about the really old ones).
I consider the latest incarnations of KOF really balanced overall.  Of course, this is not MK with all the characters doing the exact same normal attacks (thank god), and KOF always had a wide variaty of characters, with really many diferent styles of attack like anti air thows, special counter throws, unblockable attacks, invencible attacks and ways to punish them (or not in same cases). It may be harder in some cases, but there is usually always a way to beat them.
After all the updates/patches are released (assuming this is not the only one), and the console version is available, we'll see what happens but I doubt it will be something sooooooo cryptic. My guess is you will get your fair share of bullshit moments, but nothing we KOF fans havent experienced before.

I don´t agree with this whole "be nice to another players so more people will get into KOF".
I am a very competitive person, so to me, is win or win, no choice.
We can be friends and all, but once the game starts is war for me (same happens in Basketball, my favourite sport).
I can understand that some people have fun playing the game, but that is not my case. I play to get that feeling that you get when you win (kinda dificult to explain in words).  I really don´t give a damn if the other person is having a hard time. I remember I was playing KOF XI once at a comic convention (for free, on PS2), someone challenge me. I win the entire match just doing down+fierce kick. If the poor guy can´t guard while crouching.....well, not my problem.
I respect that not everyone will share my point of view, but...if you can´t take it and you are gonna leave each time they kick your ass...
Everytime you start playing a videogame, a sport or whatever, you dont know how to do it the first time, and with experience, practice and training you improve, it´s a natural process.
Now, in terms of infinite combos and bullshit like that, well, when we used to play (always console games), me & my friends usually set some rules for really extreme situations. We tried not to, but if there was anything as broken as an infinite combo we did. Again, we did this only on extreme cases, if a character is really good or has a really devastating combo, attack or whatever, with it. In fact, we haven´t done it for years.
I undertand that in the arcade or a tournament the situation is kinda different something different, cause it's money.
The real culprit here is the company or people who releases something with doing the proper testing.
Anyway, I hope they continue to release upgrades, cause I really don´t like the fact that you can juggle soooooo much in this game.
Excuse me for my english, it is not my main language.

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