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So uhm. Am I the only one recalling that they already mentioned that they're building upon XII's netcode?

I can't remember where I got that from, but I'm pretty sure that they've said it.

Maybe I was dreaming?


But i made a mistake, it's only in France it seems.

( fuuuuuu... )
Ah, I see. Thanks.

Well, that sucks for people in France. .<

The commentating on the stream was very enjoyable btw. :)
By the way... In Europe, the game is delayed AGAIN. To the 30th November this time...  :(

I haven't seen anyone mention this. Do you have a source? :(

I have no conclusive proof to speak of, only a chat log, but the person who gave me the information is very trustable for me. I'm not the only one that knew this though, many site admins and other people knew too, before I did.

I guess you can try asking damdai himself.
Nice! Thanks for sharing. :)

I had a great time with the Level Up stream! :)

I'm really hopeful on XIII's netcode. It was pretty encouraging when Aram mentioned that they are aiming to have the best netcode for a fighting game out there. Sure, it could be advertising, but I don't think he'd say that if the netcode sucked.

Also, the rumor of Damdai working on the netcode is interesting, and great if true!

General Discussion / Re: KOFXIII console tournament standard
« on: November 03, 2011, 03:23:30 AM »
I personally own both consoles and have a dual-modded stick. But PS3 is going to be my main console.

I'd have to wait and see if there are any real differences between the two versions.

The way I read it from BioBooster's translation is that the backdash has 1 startup frame, and then it's traveling in the air.  Didn't watch the reference video (youtube blocked at work *laughs* ), though, so if it's showing something different there, all the better.
Ah. From watching the video, I personally think it looks like Ryo gets a meaty on Kyo and he gets hit in aerial state. But I could be wrong of course.

It's hard to say, but I think I'd prefer it the way you mentioned though. :)

In the case of Kula. I wonder if you could do a meaty cr.B on oki, then if they backdash and your cr.B whiffs, you could punish the backdash with, say, freeze execution?

EDIT: @Omegaryuji: Hrm, I understood it as that backdashes are aerial on the first frame?

Does anyone know if Atlus is planning on hving an exhibition during the Socal Regional tournament for players to test out the online mode vs someone from their company building? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to know this.

I wonder if it's a brand new netcode or if they've improved on the netcode that was used in NGBC and Samurai Showdown Sen?
So someone, please correct me if I'm wrong here. But doesn't the XIII netcode use the XII netcode as base?

Well yeah, most of the characters seem to be buffed in some way. But Andy already seemed so good in the arcade version. Perhaps his buffs aren't as critical as the ones alot of the other characters are getting, all the while nerfing away his inv. on EX Kuuhadan and nerfing his Cr.D?

I hope Andy doesn't become top tier and noticably better than the rest of the cast. I feel a bit bad about playing top tier characters.

Also it's me or the 360 version says "2 to 64 players Online"? WTF?
It's not just you... :o

But why does the PS3 one say 2-2? :(

By the way. I'm not sure if anyone is interested. But some time ago, I sent a mail to the Swedish store Webhallen, asking if they're going to get XIII, but it didn't seem like any Swedish supplier would get the game.

Well, I waited a bit and sent a new mail and asked if the situation's changed, and it seems that they'll probably carry the game. They don't think that they will get any pre order bonuses, though.

I think this is great, and it'll probably help get quite a lot of people over the fence, in case they didn't want to import.

That's a bit of an odd translation (and statement in the first place), but maybe they mean to say that doing combos from the air, after light or strong hits, are still possible, even with the reduced hitstun on jump normals?

The Arcade hitstun on air attacks was insanely generous. I'm glad they've been able to adjust it, without ruining things like Maxima's Hop C -> Air EX Vapor, or Mai's air gameplay (which has been buffed, even.)

There's a lot of good stuff up there, though. Goro for Highest-tier grapple shenanigans? I've never been a Goro player, but he sounds like a great Anchor for an Alt team now!

Update: The Prof has already cleared it up himself:
Special attacks in the air have generally been tuned to come out faster, and combos from canceling normal moves in the air that could be done in the arcade version are still present in the game.
Ahh. Thanks dude! I simply couldn't wrap my head around that for some reason...

Hrm, I don't quite get what they mean with this:
Quote from:
air combos from canceling AC are still present.
Is that something I've missed?

30 has changed release date for November 25th
I see. Thanks for pointing it out. That's probably gonna be the release date over here.

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