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Well, I sent a mail to RSG last week, asking about the release date.

Got this yesterday:
Quote from:
Thank you for your kind comments and pre-ordering THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII.
We haven't announced a specific release date yet - we intend to do so this week.  It will be November, but I can't give you a specific date today, sorry!
I hope you enjoy the game and the soundtrack CDs.

Doesn't say much though. But we should get a release date from them this week at least.

I don't like the lack of info either. I mean. I don't even know if the game's gonna get released in my country. :/

I'm afraid that it's like KBlackNoah mentioned; That it's a buggy mess that needs to be fixed. Hopefully, it'll be fully playable when we get it (maybe it is in a good state now? What do I know ^^).

First thing I'm gonna do is jump on training and get a few combos down. After that, I'm jumping straight into online.

has anyone confirmed that those dlc leak pictures were fake or not
Sorry for posting so often atm. -_-

Now I'm not sure, but I don't think that they've been officially announced, but considering the artstyle and how well they fit the green blobs. I personally see it as true.


Well if this is true, that's going to suck. :(

The chance of the game being popular in Sweden would decrease, and I'm gonna have to wait extra long if I have to import it. :<

Makes sense, rsg is a uk based publisher so they publish in the uk. All other countries around gb may suffer at the very least a delay because they will ofc see to their own market first and foremost. If you want the game at a good time, use the retailer rsg recommends from their site; I've ordered the game for myself and a couple of friends so we could split the cost of shipping and happily take the fastest option wich promises 1-2 days and the game sent on the 27th.

Also, the game costs about 350 sek from amazon so it is really cheap seeing how currency currently stands and since uk is a part of eu we probably won't have to pay toll either because sweden is supposed to be more open to trades with other countries inside.
Ah, I see. I thought that RSG published for all of Europe, but that might not be the case.

Also, thanks. I think I'll go with Since they're recommended by RSG themselves, I'm pretty sure they're getting the preorder bonus too (it's not that big a deal if I get it or not. But since I'm preordering, I might as well).

As you mentioned, I save about 250 SEK too, than if it was sold in Sweden and I bought it here.

Oh, yeah, I'm not saying the netcode for BB is bad or anything.  It's pretty good, and I wouldn't complain if online XIII feels about the same.  Just mentioned that because I know I've seen a lot of people blur the line between BB having good netcode and BB being made with online play in mind.
Oh, sorry about that.

But yeah, the 5 frame buffer, among other stuff, helps online a lot.

While I do agree with the above posts that GGPO isn't the be-all-end-all of netcode, I just wanted to point out that BB's netcode is helped by certain features of that game, like the 5 frame autorepeat or the huge throwbreak windows.  If you put the exact same netcode with KOF, people will complain about it not being as good because of KOF not having those mechanics tailored for online play.
In my experiences with BB, I've mostly had matches where lag/delay was extremely low. Such can be noticed simply doing a 5A with a character and see how fast it will come out.

Of course. That might be helped by me having good connections to a lot of the people I play with.

Cross-post with NeoGAF:

So I sent a mail to the Swedish retailer Webhallen yesterday, asking if they're gonna stock the preorder bonus. Got this reply (roughly translated):
Quote from:

for the time being, it doesn't look like any Swedish provider (sorry. Not sure if that's the right word. Supplier maybe?) is going to stock the game, but we're looking around at our international providers too. Sadly, we can't give a yes/no answer right now, it's gonna be a bit more wait and see.
Well if this is true, that's going to suck. :(

The chance of the game being popular in Sweden would decrease, and I'm gonna have to wait extra long if I have to import it. :<

i think i ll get 2 copies one for 360 (which in italy is 28 october) and one for playstation3 maybe on this last i could get it on 25 if shops here gets the north american version ... just one question dlc on psn store r region locked ? i mean if i buy the pal version do i have to use the european psn store ? cause i have two accounts one european and one american so if i buy the north american one i think i ll find the dlc on the american psn store and not in the euro right ?
In most cases, you have to buy DLC from the same region of the PSN store as the region of the game.

Only Finnish online store that has listed KOF XIII says that game will be released in October 31. ( Don't know about those pre-order bonuses. It would be nice to have them, but for me the most improtant thing is that game is actually released.
Weird. So now I've read about stores from four different countries, and everyone has got a different release date listed.

Well I guess that they're only preliminary then.

As i already said in a French forum, i don't care about the bonuses if they're going to push further away the day we're supposed to have the game. They are bonuses fcs ! The 4 CD shit is going to be on megaupload 2 days after the release anyway ! Just give me the goddamn game !
Seriously, November ?! The US and Japan will have their game in october (20 october if i remember well ), and We stupid eurapeans will have it in Novembre ? And i even bet it's gonna be November the 15 or something like that, 1 month after the others.

I sent an e-mail to RSG regarding the exact release date yesterday, so I'm gonna post it once they get back to me.

It's annoying, cause Swedish online stores have their dates set as 30th November, 4th November and 28th October. Since that site that mentions the preorder bonus (which is awesome imo) mentions that it's gonna release in November, I fear a 30th November release. :(

Oh man. I'm cool with what's in KOF XIII. But Wild Ambition's 11th Street as an alternate track for Fatal Fury team would be too good.

Fatal Fury Wild Ambition -11th Street (Terry Bogard)

It really does seem like we've been forgotten, swedish release date also seems to be a month after uk release.. I'll just import so i don't care, but it is odd.
Hrm. Both Webhallen and Gamereplay addresses the release date as 30th of November. But hopefully, that's only a preliminary date. Games are usually released in Sweden on the same day as other PAL countries.

But if that date is true, I guess I'm gonna have to import.

Nothing I am just sick of ppl trolling
Hrm. How do you know he's trolling?

i dont think having a good netcode would qualify as "robust" i think it would need more than that
Yeah, that's true, I guess.

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