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AI King of Fighters XIII tournament results

Kane317 reports that 14 players showed up for the tournament. 25 of the 31 characters in the game were represented in the tournament.

1. John (Mr.KOF/Team Deadly Duo)
2. Reynald (Mr.Green/ Team Deadly Duo)
3. The Answer (Oscar who needs no introduction)
4. Kane317 (The Best chin In U.S.A.!)
5. Chris (cali – mexican crew)
5. Pepe (Jose) (cali – mexican crew)
7. Yoshi (cali – mexican crew)
7. Romance (cali- mexican crew)
9. Nguyen (Mr.KoF’s brother who brought him into the KOF scene since 94)
9. RJ (4leaf)
9. Raul (cali – mexican crew)
9. Rasmus(cali – mexican crew)
13. Duc (Tran) not that Duc Do guy
13. Miguel (Newcomer)

Direct feed footage is coming soon.