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Meet Our 3 New Dream Cancel Front Page Community Contributors

2 months back we posted up an article seeking new front page editors to provide SNK content on our website, and the response has been enormous.

Right now, at this current moment, we have 3 new contributing editors who will start posting content on Dream Cancel very soon starting this month!

Aria Mikado is a long time combo and tutorial video contributor that will contributing SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy gameplay content in form of combo videos and the continued progress of the extensive google document gameplay guide that has been used in the growing Dream Cancel SNK Heroines wiki!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AriaMikado

Deezee Kujaku will also be providing extensive SNK Heroines content, as well as covering USA East Coast SNK community coverage when needed! He is a part of our community partners team Kick Punch Block.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deezee_Kujaku

rey_lobo from Mexico will be our resident Garou Mark of The Wolves high level gameplay content contributor! He is the owner of the offical Garou Mark of the Wolves discord that you can join here: https://t.co/AwcISqlwTI

Twitter: https://twitter.com/garoupicho

Stay tuned for their first articles on our front page very soon! Be sure to contact them by twitter if you want to submit a tip to them!

Update To The Front Page Menus

If you look above and hover over “Tutorials” and “Contact” the menus have been updated a bit.

– The Tick Throw & Alternate Guard video is next to the Throws & Alternate Guard article.

– The King of Fighters XIII Quick Guide has been updated with movelist videos and bread-n-butter combos.

– The Button Hold Trick video has been added next to the Buffering Tricks & Button Shortcuts article.

– The KOFXIII Frame Data google document table by Signed by R has been added next to the Reading Frame Data article.

– Added the Dream Cancel twitter and Facebook links under the “Contact” menu.