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  • Only Close B and C combos into her command moves and specials (strangely Close B can't combo into f + B).
  • Nothing special otherwise, Close B is not a low hit. Close D doesn't combo into specials in this game which is sad. Closed D can be used as some type of bootleg anti-air.


  • Standing A, B, and D are pokes ( B having the most range) good knockback too. Standing C can be used as a anti-air somewhat.


  • Crouching A and B are pokes ( A being the best one)
  • Crouching C combos into her command moves and specials.
  • Crouching D can lead to Level 2 DM (see combo section)


  • Jumping B combos to dive (which in turn leads to level 2 DM). It also cancels to her command aerials although only d + D combos.
  • Jumping C and D can combo into close C if you hit them deep enough.
  • Neutral jump B, C, and D (especially B and D) have very good range.

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Mai to do counter with a kick reminicent to her Standing D in KOF, and she will then tag out. The kick has good range.


Windmill Destroyer: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken.
  • The effects of this throw is a bit different. Opponents face the other way when slammed to the ground. What this means is if they try to block normally while getting up, they will move foward the opposite direction (Good since you can hit them again). This allows for some very crazy cross-ups, especially in the corner.

Cherry Blossom Phantasm: (air) b/f + CD

  • Mai's air throw. It also has a whiff animation.

Command Moves

Crimson Crane Dance: df + B (2 hits)

  • Mai slides foward then follows up with another kick. Hits low and can cancel to any special or ground DM during combos on 1st hit. 2nd hit knocks down.

Camellia Dance: f + B or C (B version 2 hits when used by itself)

  • Combo into this move, it allows you to cancel into her level 2 DM.
  • Using the B version by itself will let you juggle with another move, this only works in the corner (Not that useful but worth mentioning).

Fortune's Wheel Drop: (air) d + A

  • Will knock aerial opponents straight to the ground. Can also combo into dive on grounded opponents.

Ukihane: (air) d + B

  • Will do 2 hits if done near an opponent. She moves foward a bit, so it is good for cross-up games as well. Be careful though, you're open if this is blocked.

Yusura: (air) d + D

  • Dives butt first( :D ) toward the opponent. Combos from j.B. She comes down fairly quick so use it as a punish.

Triangle jump: (While jumping and touching a wall) uf

  • Basic wall jump. Keep in mind, d + B and d + D will still go towards an opponent.
  • If you are going to jump over an opponent and wall jump with the intent on using her dive, input the motion as if she was still on whatever side she was from (ex: If she's on the left and you jump over an opponent to wall jump from the right, input the motion as if she's still on the left side.)

Special Moves

Kacho Sen: qcf + A/C

  • Average spacing tool. A version recovers quickly so you can follow the fan or you can get creative and do something different to put more pressure on the opponent

Ryu En Bu: qcb + A/C

  • Use it in combos, it can be punished on block. C version hits twice close up and can SC.

Sayo Chidori: qcb + B/D

  • Not very useful, it is supposed to act as an anti-air. B version is the only one that can be used in a combo for D version is too slow. Punishable on block or whiff as well. This can SC but, the DM won't even hit after landing this move so it's useless as a move that can SC. You have better options.

Deadly Ninja Bees: hcf + B/D

  • D version goes farther as expected. Other than that, this move is suicide outside of combos. Even in combos, Ryu En Bu is much better since this can't SC even though it did in KOF (So give her a useless SC move instead of making this an SC move where it could have done some justice? I fail to see the logic here, what drug must one take <_<).. If you are going to use this outside of combos, be sure you will hit (Like if they are in the air or did a very laggy move). Don't do it otherwise.

Flying Squirrel Dance: (air) qcb + A/C or (charge) d, u + A/C (hold button)

  • One of her important move since this can combo into her level 2 DM. QCB version will make her dive immediately. C version goes the farthest while the A version is steeper, choose the best one for the situation. Charging it will make her jump off a wall before the dive ( Press uf or ub to control where she will be going). Don't spam this too much, it can be punished.

Fake Flying Squirrel Dance: (charge) d, u + A/C

  • Excellent for mobility and mindgames since they don't know what you will do out of this. You have a few things you can do from this which is a dive, command aerial, grab, or DM. Having meter will make opponents think twice about chasing you with anti-airs or do anything reckless. You will use this move alot, you will be fine as long as you mix it up.

Peach Blossom Bounce: After Fake Flying Squirrel Dance, when near opponent CD

  • This is here for completions sake. Use this grab if your opponent is blocking too much. With that said and the things said above, keep your opponent off balance.

Desperation Moves

Super Deadly Ninja Bees: qcb, hcf + B/D

  • A much better version of her special attack. This does some good chip damage so keep that in mind. Use this in combos, that's where it's power really shines.

Moon Hidden Peony: (air) qcf,qcf + A/C (Uses 2 levels)

  • Besides being really sexy eye candy, this is the most powerful DM in her arsenal. It is also very easy to combo into as well. A version is steeper than the C version making it easier to punish mistakes from opponents that are close to Mai. Catches opponents in the air too so don't worry about them trying to jump. This is her best DM, so get that meter ASAP.

Solar Flame Dance: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • Mai summons a pillar of flame around her. Not very good at all, even for a anti-air. I guess it could be used as a surprise for jump happy opponents. Otherwise, just save that meter for better things.

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:


  • (Cl. C/St. B/cr. C), qcb + A/C
  • (Cl. C/St. B/cr. C), qcb + B
  • (Cl. C/St. B/cr. C), hcf + B/D
  • (Cl. C, cr. C)xx qcb, hcf + B/D
  • (Cl. C/St. B/cr. C), df + B, qcb + C xx qcb, hcf + B/D
  • j. B, d + D (works in the air as well)
  • (air) qcb + A/C xx qcf, qcf + A/C (works in the air as well)
  • j. d + A, (air) qcb + A/C xx qcf, qcf + A/C
  • (Cl. C/cr. C), f+ B/D XX qcf, qcf + A/C
  • cr. D, f + D (whiff) XX qcf, qcf + A (Strict timing, need to do the cancel off whiff really fast)

(more to be updated)

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