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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum/Athena

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Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow (name) to do counter with (description), and he will then tag out.


Silky Throw: b/f+CD

  • Can be broken.

Command Moves

Icarus no Kutsu: d,d+D

  • description

Special Moves

Hamadrias Buster: qcf+A/C (air OK)

  • description

Neptune Killer: dp+B/D

  • description

Morning Star Attack: qcb+A

  • description

Morning Star Crash: qcb+C

  • description

Lion's Shield: hcb+B/D

  • description

Life Flower: d,d+AC/BD/BC

  • For almost a second and a half, Athena waters a plant in the ground that sprouts three hearts. 'Collecting' these hearts have a varying effect depending on the button combination used.
  • The animation and visual sprite is the same for all 3 versions.
  • Both Athena and the opponent can pick up the heart, but how much the effect gives is dependent on who picks it up.
  • Athena recovers before the plants releases the hearts, allowing a brief scramble for either player to get on top of the plant.
Yakusouka Tairyokume Corpse: d,d+AC
  • Heals red health. The opponent recovers half the red health Athena herself can heal by.
Yakusouka Tairyokume Pneuma: d,d+BD
  • Builds gauge meter. Athena can receive 90% of one bar while the opponent can get 125% of one bar.
Yakusouka Bakutenme Pure Blossom: d,d+BC
  • Releases an unblockable explosion on contact. This launches the player who triggered it, leading to further damage if the other player is in range and reacts to the effect.
  • Athena receives only slightly less damage than the estimated 24% the opponent receives if she's blown up by Pure Blossom.

Pukapuka Hovering: in air, BD

  • description
Hamadrias Buster: qcf+A/C
  • Same as air ver. of special.
Unicorn Horn: A/C
  • description
Typhoon Sing: B
  • description
Cancel: D
  • Athena drops straight down and is unable to use jump normals or j.qcf+A/C.

Desperation Moves

Poseidon's Rage: qcb,hcf+B/D

  • description

Heaven's Gate: f,hcf+A/C

  • description

Pegasus Fantasy: qcf,hcb+B/D

  • 3 bar.

Homura no Tsue: qcfx2+A

  • description
Flying Fire: qcfx2+A
  • Requires no additional bar.
Fire Storm: qcfx2+C
  • Spends an additional bar.

Kaze no Tsue: qcfx2+C

  • description
Flying Hurricane: qcfx2+C
  • Requires no additional bar.
Storm Fire: qcfx2+A
  • Spends an additional bar.

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:


(more to be updated)

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.


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