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1. Psychic Throw - b/f+C

  • Athena grabs her opponent and throws her across the screen in the direction she was facing

2. Bit Throw - b/f+D

  • Athena throws her opponent across the screen to the opposite side she was facing

3. Psychic Shoot - b/f+C/D(in air)

  • only works if Athena is close to her opponent while both are airborn
  • hard knockdown

Command Normals

1. Renkantai - f+B

  • Athena does a two hit high kick that makes her lift off the ground slightly
  • considered airborne during both hits
  • cancellable on the last hit into air moves
  • very good recovery on block

2. Phoenix Bomb - d+B(air)

  • cancellable to air moves
  • overhead

Special Moves

1. Psycho Ball - qcb+P

  • Athena throws a projectile that hovers above ground
  • qcb+A travels slower and recovers much faster than qcb+C

2. Psycho Sword - dp+P(ground,air)

  • Athena does a vertical rising attack that comes out quickly
  • A version comes out faster but does less hits and doesn't rise as high as the C version
  • supercancellable on all hits, but supercancelling on the last hit will result in the DM whiffing
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on all hits

3. Psycho Teleport - qcf+K

  • Athena teleports forward, where qcf+B goes a bit less than half screen while qcf+D goes full screen
  • has a long startup, where she can easily be hit out of it. The image of where she was standing when she chose to teleport, can be attack
  • free cancellable into

4. Psycho Reflector - qcb+B

  • Athena creates a barrier in front of her that reflects normal and DM projectiles
  • the barrier stops after it has been blocked, giving it good recovery on block - but if it
  • if it hits the opponent
  • free cancellable into

5. Phoenix Arrow - qcb+K(air)

  • Athena performs a diagonal rolling attack from the air, with the B version going down at a steep 30% angle while D version is a 45% angle
  • D version does more hits and ends in a somewhat punishable (on block) high priority kick. This kick will change directions in case the opponent switched sides before it came out
  • supercancellable on all hits, though easiest to supercancel is the last hit of the D version
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on all hits


1. Phoenix Fang Arrow - qcfx2+K(air)

  • Athena fires a few projectiles diagonally, then comes down with a B phoenix arrow
  • qcfx2+B fires projectiles in a slightly more vertical angle than qcfx2+D, which is at a 45 degree angle. In combos, qcfx2+D is more likely to combo
  • if the opponent attempts to CD counter while she is still firing the projectiles, the CD counter will whiff and the opponent will get hit
  • has no recovery time after the last hit
  • the opponent can easily do a fast vertical reversal on reaction, before her first projectile makes contact with you. Hitting Athena's projectiles (even with fireballs) will hurt Athena for some reason. If the DM whiffs, rush DMs can easily hit her as well

2. Shining Crystal Bit - hcbx2+P(ground,air) (cancellable with ABCD)

  • two balls of energy rotated around Athena diagonally for a few seconds or until cancelled
  • can be cancelled with ABCD or you can throw the ball with qcb+P
  • the cancel with ABCD has some recovery time and can be punished easily, though not as easily as just not cancelling at all
  • has startup invincibility, one of the best anti-airs in the game
  • can hit low sometimes

2a. Crystal Shoot - qcb+P (can be held) (after hcbx2+P)

  • the balls of energy surrounding Athena concentrate into her hand
  • can be delayed before thrown by holding the P button
  • qcb+A throws the ball horizontally, while qcb+C makes it curve upwards
  • if the opponent rolls behind her when she is holding it, they will get hit if she releases it then


1. Shining Crystal Bit - hcbx2+AC(ground,air) (cancellable with ABCD)

  • same properties as the DM version, except slightly more damage and less vulnerable hitbox due to the energy surronding her body

1a. Crystal Shoot - qcb+P (after Shining Crystal Bit SDM)

  • same properties as the DM version of Crystal Shoot, except the ball thrown is bigger, does 3 hits, and a bit more damage

2. Psychic 9 - hcb f+AC

  • Athena dashes forward. If the attack is blocked or the distance she dashed is too great, she will fall, leaving her wide open for a combo
  • if she connects, you must input a sequence of button presses every time she attacks the opponent. The input should be started after the second hit: A, B, C, A, B, C, D, followup

2a. Sailor Finish - qcf+P (after hcb f+AC)

  • hard knockdown
  • does the same amount of damage as Fire Sword Finish

2b. Fire Sword Finish - hcb+K (after hcb f+AC)

  • does the same amount of damage as Sailor Finish

2c. Psycho Finish - dp+P (after hcb f+AC)

  • does more damage than Sailor Finish or Fire Sword Finish


1. Psycho Medley - qcf+ABCD

  • same properties as Psychic 9, except different sequences need to be input for her followups: D, C, B, D, C, B, A, followup

1a. Healing Athena - D, C, B, D, C, B, A, qcf+AB (after qcf+ABCD)

  • recovers about 1/3 of a life bar of health, but does no damage
  • hard knockdown

1b. Momoiro Gatame - D, C, B, D, C, B, A, qcf+BC (after Psycho Medley)

  • does about the same damage as a crouch D would, so unless this is going to kill the opponent, it is probably a better idea to use Healing Athena instead


  • cancellable normals are far A, crouch A, close B, far B, crouch B, close C, crouch C, close D, jump A(not vertical high jump), high jump C
  • CD is cancellable into specials and DMs
  • she has the ability to wall jump by pressing uf when she has jumped towards a wall
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