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Frame Data

Move Startup Active Recovery Cancel Block
cl.A 3 4 4 C,S,Su HL
cl.B 5 2 9 C,S,Su HL
cl.C 4 3+4 18 S,Su HL
cl.D 3 5 21 S,Su HL
st.A 4 3 8 C,S,Su HL
st.B 7 3 17 HL
st.C 8 4 17 HL
st.D 12 2 20 HL
cr.A 4 3 7 C,S,Su HL
cr.B 4 3 9 C,S,Su L
cr.C 5 2+3 28 S,Su HL
cr.D 9 3(5)5 22 S(1),Su(1) L
CD 15 5 24 S,Su HL
ju.A 5 9 - H
ju.B 6 9 - H
ju.C 7 2 - H
ju.D 7 4 - H
j.A 5 7 - H
j.B 6 9 - H
j.C 7 2 - H
j.D 7 7 - H
j.CD 10 4 - HL
h.A 5 9 - H
h.B 6 9 - H
h.C 7 2 - H
h.D 7 5 - H
h.CD 10 4 - HL
f+A 22 3 24 H
f+A(cancel) 12 3 24 S,Su HL
f+B 11 5 18 S,Su HL
hcf+A/C[1] 8 - 31 -
qcb+A [2] 24 14 19 -
qcb+C [2] 38 8 19 -
hcb,f+A/C 0 - 39 -
hcf+B [3] 22 - 22 -
hcf+D [4] 25 - 26 -
2xhcb+P 0 - 36 -
2xqcf+K [5] 24 10 31 -
2xhcb+AC 0 - 34 -
2xqcf+BD [5] 24 10 31 -
B D A ABC [6] 30 21 38 -

[1] Invincible: Frames 1~8

[2] On hit stuns opponent for 32 frames. Recovery of the move is 17 frames on h it.

[3] Invincible at the feet frame 10~22.

[4] Invincible at the feet frame 10~25.

[5] Invincible: Frame 1.

[6] Invincible and Autoguard: Frame 1~51.



1. Baku - f/b+C

  • Yashiro knocks them back in the direction that he was facing

2. Beki - f/b+D

  • Yashiro grabs them and throws them in the opposite direction they were facing
  • hard knockdown and the opponent's back is turned when waking up
  • gives you enough time to run up to them or jump in before they get up, even from midscreen

Command Normals

1. Saku - f+A

  • Yashiro does a slow overhead smash with his fist
  • overhead
  • hard knockdown
  • cancellable if cancelled into
  • if cancelled into, this move does almost no damage and loses the overhead property but comes out much faster and doesn't knock down
  • this move makes Yashiro move forward, making combos more likely to land than if using the more damaging f+B

2. Bu - f+B

  • Yashiro does a horizontal kick forward, which has decent range
  • cancellable

Special Moves

1. Kujiku Daichi - qcb+P

  • Yashiro jumps into the air, and grabs the opponent if he falls on them and they are on the ground. qcb+C jumps further and higher than qcb+A
  • if this move is successful, Yashiro switches sides with opponent and has enough time to walk up and combo them
  • very easy to evade and punish and not recommended to be used much, if at all
  • free cancellable into

2. Odoru Daichi - hcf+K

  • Yashiro runs forward and grabs the opponent
  • can't be comboed into unlike in kof98
  • hard knockdown

3. Niragu Daichi - hcf+P

  • delayed command throw that has invincibility before the point when the throw contact will register. The opponent is thrown into the air, and can be juggled on the way down
  • if Yashiro does not hit the opponent, opponent suffers a hard knockdown and falls with their back turned
  • great move for setting up some resets that lead to some good damage

4. Musebu Daichi - hcb f+P

  • instant one frame grab
  • hard knockdown
  • opponent is knocked down with their back turned


1. Araburu Daichi - qcfx2+K

  • Yashiro leaps across the screen, about 3/4 screen length and grabs the opponent if he connects
  • hard knockdown and opponent gets up with their back turned
  • extremely easy to see coming and evade due to the super flash before he leaps

2. Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi - hcbx2+P

  • instant one frame grab
  • Yashiro has alot of time to move around as the opponent falls, giving him opportunity for mixups


1. Araburu Daichi - qcfx2+BD

  • same as his DM version, but alot more damaging
  • unblockable
  • hard knockdown and opponent gets up with their back turned
  • extremely easy to see coming and evade because of the super flash

2. Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi - hcbx2+AC

  • one frame grab that does more damage than his hcbx2+P DM


1. Armageddon - B D A ABC

  • Yashiro does a massive punch across the screen that takes a long time to come out
  • Yashiro has autoguard during the entire move
  • unblockable
  • fairly useless outside of possibly one situation - when the opponent is waking up after a move with a lot of downtime, like his hcf+P


  • cancellable normals are close A, far A, crouch A, close B, close C, crouch C, close D, crouch D(1)
  • CD is cancellable into specials and DMs



1. [Jump attack] Close C/Close D, f+A/f+B, hcb f+P/hcbx2+P

Many possibliities with this combo all with different advantages. Close D is a faster starter but not as useful as close C outside of combos. f+A does less damage but moves Yashiro forward, making it easier to connect the grab after. hcbx2+P only does marginally more damage than hcb f+P but has more mixup advantages after. If you are punishing something that will let you get in really close, the suggested combo to do is close D, f+B, hcb f+P/hcbx2+P

2. Crouch B, Crouch A/Far A, hcb f+P/hcbx2+P

His only reliable way of doing damage off a low is linking crouch B into crouch A or far A, which is not an easy link. However, it's much safer to hit confirm a crouch B, crouch A than a close C, f+A/f+B so this combo is definitely useful for Yashiro.

3. [Crouch A] hcf+P, [optional stand CD/jump CD or jump normal]

While it is possible to combo into hcf+P, it isn't very practical. The attack after the hcf+P is optiona, but it's generally best to do a normal attack and create a reset opportunity for bigger damage.

4. [Jump attack] Close D, f+A, BC, Close D, f+A, hcbx2+AC

This is his most damaging combo, which takes 3 stocks to perform. It's easy to do with f+A's because f+A moves Yashiro forward - much harder with f+B's but technically do more damage.


Defensive Options

Orochi Yashiro has a number of useful normals that can be used for defensive purposes. His far B is one of the best pokes in the game due to it's speed and horizontal range. It's great for punishing whiffed pokes and some special moves that are otherwise impossible to punish from that far B range. It's useful for hitting people out of the start of their jumps, essentially grounding them.

For anti-air, crouch C is not bad but it's difficult to use on reaction against some high priority jumpins, so it might be better to block instead. His jump D is a jump attack that can be used as air defense, though to use it effectively you will need some very good reaction as well as possibly some prediction.

Stand CD also has a number of anti-air applications as well. The hitbox is large and will cleanly beat almost all jumpins. The problem is that since the move comes out slow, it will have to be used as a preemptive anti-air. Whiffing it can get you punished by fireballs and some supers, though it's very difficult to run forward or jump attack it's recovery for a full combo.


On Yashiro's own wakeup

Orochi Yashiro's options on wakeup are fairly limited and risky to perform as they aren't guaranteed punishes to the opponent's actions.

If the opponent is coming down with a meaty jump attack, you can do a reversal hcf+P. The startup invincibility will go through the jump attack and will grab them if they land and don't jump immediately after. The problem is that the opponent can bait you to whiff it, in which case they can punish you with their best jumpin combo.

If the opponent is standing over you, it might be tempting to do a reversal one frame grab (either hcb f+P or hcbx2+P) but keep in mind that smart players will probably jump in the last moment, getting a full punish combo in the process. A less risky option in this situation is to block and see if they jump out in the last moment. If they do, you can anti-air without crouch C or close C.

In most cases, it's advised to just block on wakeup and only try to throw when you really believe that he isn't going to bait it.

When opponent is waking up

Orochi Yashiro's normal hop and hyper hop cannot go over an opponent that is in a standing state. This includes the state that the opponent was in just before getting hit with a knockdown attack. You can use this fact to create sideswitches that depend on the state of the opponent before they were knocked down, which will require the opponent to pay attention to that. These sideswitches can be set up in numerous ways since he has many hard knockdowns that allow him to atleast switch sides before the opponent can get up.

After HCF+K

If you land hcf+K and you superjump immediately after hcf+K has recovered, you will land at roughly the same time (or slightly after) the opponent gets up. This of course, varies since some characters get up faster than others. If the opponent is not taken completely into the corner, then after the superjump, Yashiro will just barely switch sides if the opponent was in a crouching state while getting hit by hcf+K. If the opponent was in a standing state, then the superjump will not make him switch sides.

While in the air of the superjump, the best thing to do is probably a jump A. If Yashiro will switch sides, the jump A will whiff (he has no reliable crossup moves unfortunately), and you can do a close D or hcf+P the moment you land. If Yashiro doesn't switch sides, the jump A will make contact.

There are a few characters in which Yashiro can apply a safe jump setup after landing hcf+K. The best attack to use is his jump A due to the downward hitbox. If the opponent performs a reversal attack, then Yashiro will be able to land and block before the hit frames of the reversal come out. If the opponent does nothing, then the jump A will connect.

Some safe jumps setups immediately after landing hcf+K:

Kim/Ryo/Mary/Mai/K9999: Normal jump A

Robert/Whip: Superjump A

HCF+P Resets

There are a number of tricky ambigious setups that can be made by juggling the opponent after landing hcf+P. The opponent has to predict which way to block/reversal or to perform a risky roll that can be punished.

  • (midscreen) forward hyper hop D or superjump D, then walk toward the direction that you superjumped, though it will actually show Yashiro walking backwards. Just as opponent is going to land, either continue to walk in the direction to walk under them, or stop to not go under. The moment they land,
  • (midscreen) run forward to the other side, close C, BC, run back and either run under them as they fall or don't.
  • (midscreen) forward hop D, run forward and either go under or don't.
  • (midscreen) forward hyper hop D, then forward jump D the moment you land. Let's assume Yashiro is on the left and his opponent is on the right. After landing from the hyper hop D, Yashiro will be facing to the left, with his opponent in the air slightly to his left. Jump right, while facing left and hit D. The opponent, from the initial hyper hop D, will be moving horizontally faster than your jump D, so when you land from the second jump attack, he will be on the right side, with Yashiro coming down to the left of him, also facing left. The jump D will hit as a crossup.

(test) hcf+P, close A/far A, HSDM

There are a number of other setups with different jump trajectories and timing but they aren't as ambigious as the ones mentioned above.

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