Fatal Fury Special/Billy Kane

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Ippon Tsuri Nage - cl. f + C

  • Grabs them with the pole and flips them over his shoulder, opponent lands on opposite side

Jigoku Otoshi - cl. f + D

  • Billy chokes the opponent with the pole
  • Can be mashed out of

Special Moves

San Setsu Kon Chu Dan Uchi - charge b~f + P

  • Pole stretches forward
  • C version stretches farther

Suzume Otoshi - charge db~uf + P

  • Pole stretches upward
  • C version stretches farther

Senpu Kon - mash A

  • Billy makes the pole spin around him

Kyou Shuu Hishou Kon - db, qcf + K

  • Billy launches himself into the air to descend onto the opponent
  • Slow start up
  • C version goes farther

Desperation Move

Cho Kaen Senpu Kon - qcf hcb ub + AC

  • Billy spins the pole around to create a circular flame then launches it at the opponent
Fatal Fury Special



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