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The King of Fighters 2002/Maxima

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KOF 2002 Maxima Mook



1. Dynamite Drop - b/f+C

  • Maxima grabs the opponent and drop kicks them across the screen in the direction he was facing

2. Choking Vise - b/f+D

  • Maxima twists the neck of the opponent and drops them to the ground closeby, in the direction opposite of w

Command Normals

1. Mongolian - f+A

  • Maxima performs an double fisted smash that comes out slow
  • overhead
  • cancellable into special moves/supers if cancelled into. If not cancelled into, it is only cancellable into supers

2. M9 Kata: Maxima Missile (Shisaku) - df+C

  • A diagonally angled punch that lifts the opponent into the air if they were in the air while they got hit
  • cancellable without having to cancel into it
  • whiffs against most crouching opponents

Special Moves

1. M4 Kata: Vapour Cannon - qcb+P

  • Maxima does a strong punch forward that has good range and very good damage
  • qcb+C hits a little bit further, does a little more damage but comes out a bit slower than qcb+A
  • can negate projectiles
  • hard knockdown
  • counterwire
  • free cancellable into

2. M11 Kata: Dangerous Arch - hcf+K

  • Maxima does a belly to belly supplex, slamming them down to the opposite side
  • one frame instant throw
  • hard knockdown

3. M19 Kata: Blitz Cannon - dp+K

  • Maxima jumps into the air, and grabs the opponent if they are in the air as well
  • this is generally an anti-air for anticipated jump attacks and is punishable if you miss
  • dp+D jumps further and higher than dp+B, and also does more damage
  • hard knockdown
  • free cancellable into

4. Maxima Scramble - qcf+P

  • Maxima punches once, at around mid-height
  • qcf+C does twice as much damage as qcf+A, but comes out slower (not fast enough to combo after a weak attack)
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of

4a. Double Bomber - qcf+P (after Maxima Scramble qcf+P)

  • Maxima spins, hitting the opponent twice. This move has little recovery if blocked, but is still punishable
  • supercancellable on the second hit
  • free cancellable out of on both hits

4b. Bulldog Press - qcf+P (after Double Bomber qcf+P)

  • Maxima grabs the opponent and slams then down, having a lot of recovery if blocked
  • hard knockdown

5. System 3: Maxima Lift - hcb+K

  • Maxima slides forward, doing an unblockable grab attack if the opponent is on the ground
  • can be followed up by the Centoun Press f+K
  • free cancellable into

5a. Centoun Press - f+K (after hcb+K)

  • Maxima does a forward flip that will hit the opponent on the ground
  • if this move is done very early, the Maxima Lift hcb+K does no damage, and this move will whiff. If the opponent recovery rolls the hcb+K, then it is possible that this move will whiff
  • if this move whiffs, Maxima is invincible to most attacks, including throws
  • hard knockdown


1. M2 Kata: Maxima Beam - f hcf+P

  • Maxima opens up his chest and fires a beam of energy with fairly poor range
  • comes out very slow and so is uncomboable
  • does alot of damage if it manages to counterhit the opponent, about 50%
  • can hit behind Maxima as well, so it is probably not a good idea for the opponent to roll behind Maxima when he executes this move

2. Bunker Buster - qcf hcb+P

  • Maxima crouches, then blasts off vertically into the air, and falls to the ground
  • qcf hcb+A makes him land very close to where he started from, while qcf hcb+C makes him land a full screen away
  • Maxima has autoguard before Maxima goes into the air, and for a little bit as he lands
  • overhead on the last hit (when coming down)
  • hard knockdown on the last hit

3. Maxima Revenger - hcbx2+K

  • instant one frame throw
  • Maxima has alot of time to followup with a variety of mixups, including a jump C crossup
  • hard knockdown


1. Maxima Revenger - hcbx2+BD

  • same properties as his DM version, but more damage
  • he does not have enough time to followup with a mixup, because he taunts at the end of the move
  • hard knockdown


1. Arch Enemy - f B C f C

  • Maxima guides across the screen similar to his hcb+K, but does a very damaging attack if it connects
  • this move can be cancelled into from any normal at any time


  • cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, close B, close C(1), crouch C, close D
  • CD is cancellable into specials and DMs
  • crouch C, close C, close D, far C, far D, stand CD and qcf hcb+P have autoguard
  • close B is a low attack
The King of Fighters 2002

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