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| title    = 
| subtitle = 
| input    =
| images   = 
| info     = 


A basic skeleton to be used with Template:MoveDataCargoImage and a game's AttackDataCargo templates (Example: Template:AttackDataCargo-KOFXIII and Template:AttackDataCargo-KOFXIII/Query).

Defining the variable {{#vardefine:cargoTable|MoveData_GAME}} before a character's move list removes the need for the cargoTable argument for each usage.


{{MoveDataCargo | cargoTable=MoveData_KOFXIII
| title    = 5A
| subtitle = 
| input    = Standing A
| images   = 
| info     = 
A horizontal swipe with the the knife.
* Frame advantage after CS: +10
* Has decent range.
* Very good tool overall, due to it's speed.
* Good stagger window.
* Can be cancelled into {{MoveTooltip-UNICLR|66~6A+B|text=roll}} with 6A+B as long the opponent is in hit or block stun.
** It also can be cancelled during a startup. Cancelling move's startup into other move is called Kara Cancel, but it is indicated as '''w5A Roll cancel''' in other moves' description.
* Does not destroy Byakuya's webs, Chaos' Ahzi and etc.
* Cannot be used for OTG.
Lua error in Module:MoveDataParser at line 86: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value).
Lua error: Error: the string "#" cannot be used within #cargo_query..
Hitboxes Off
Hitboxes On
Error: No field named "inputInfo" found for any of the specified database tables.
  • Standard 5A Jab. Quick activation and low overall duration make this move good for mashing out of blockstrings and rebeat canceling. Cancellable on whiff.

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