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How do I select EX mode?

EX Icon.png
  1. Select any fighter.
  2. Highlight Speed and press C 6 times.
  3. Go to Power and press B 3 times.
  4. Return to Speed and press C 4 times.

You have to do this in the span of 4 seconds

How do I select the hidden characters?


  1. Highlight Kaede and press C 10 times.
  2. Press B 5 times.
  3. Press C 4 times, if you did this correctly you'll hear a sound bite.
  4. Press A to select Kouryu.
Kouryu is not playable on the original arcade release

Original Kaede

  1. Highlight Kaede and press C 9 times.
  2. Press B 1 time.
  3. Press C 4 times, if you did this correctly you'll hear a sound byte.
  4. Press A to select O. Kaede.

Hagure Hitogata

  1. Highlight Akari and press C 8 times.
  2. Press B 9 times.
  3. Wait a second.
  4. Press C 1 time, if you did this correctly you'll hear a sound byte.
  5. Press A to select Hagure.
Hagure Hitogata is a transforming paper doll of Akari's. Playing this character means you have mirror matches, matching your character and skill type (Power, Speed, EX).

No matter what character they copy, Hagure's base defense multiplier will always be 1.1 (the same as Akari's). Power and speed Hagure do not recieve the 30% defense penalty from EX mode when copying an EX mode character, while EX Hagure will always have the 30% penalty regardless of matchup. Additionally, if the opponent's character is Akari or Hagure, then Hagure will become Akari using the mode Hagure chose at character select (ignoring the opponent's mode choice entirely).

Kotetsu Naoe

  1. Highlight Shigen and press C 5 times.
  2. Press B 10 times.
  3. Press C 2 times, if you did this correctly you'll hear a sound byte.
  4. Press A to select Kotetsu.
Kotetsu is Shigen's adoptive daughter. When you select Kotetsu through the code, you still fight as Shigen, just with different elements to Shigen's story mode, including a new intro.

How to read Framedata

The framedata for normals works as following

5A ①
LB2 Kaede A.png
Mash A to win ⑬
DamageHow much damage the move does on hit/block. Characters in TLB2 have 256 health, but different defense modifiers. StartupNumber of frames for the move to become active, first active frame included. ActiveNumber of frames the move remains active for, and can hit the opponent on. RecoveryNumber of frames after the active frames for the move to end and the character to become actionable, unless canceled from. StateState your opponent must be in for the move to come out. Some moves can only be done when the opponent is on the ground, for example. Most moves can be done in any state. Frame AdvHow much sooner or later you can act on hit/block when compared to your opponent, assuming the move is not canceled. +2 means you can act 2 frames before your opponent, -2 means your opponent can act 2 frames before you MeterHow much meter the move builds on hit/block. A full bar of meter is 64 points. GuardWhether the move can be blocked standing, crouching, or both. L means it has to be blocked crouching, H means standing, M means it can be blocked either way. Some moves cannot be blocked. CancelWhether the move can be canceled on hit/block. ○ means it can be canceled and × means it cannot. △ means it has a special type of cancel, usually Desperation Move. TechWhether you can tech the move. Air techs are performed by pressing D in the air, ground techs are rolls performed during otg recovery.
P 13/1 S 8/0 ② 5 ③ 2 ④ 16 ⑤ Any ⑥ P+5/-7 S+5/-10 ⑦ P 6/3 S 2/1 ⑧ -M ⑨ P ○/○ S ○/○ ⑩ Air ⑪

A very fast but decently long range poke with good horizontal priority. Easily Kaede's best grounded poke due to being incredibly noncommital and stuffing most approach attempts. Notably it can also combo into most specials depending on your range, with DP in particular being very consistent at even longer ranges. ⑫

  1. The move's input. If you can't read it please read Controls if you can't make them out.
  2. Damage is pretty self explanatory, P is for power and S for speed, The number on the left (In this case, 13) Means how much damage it deals on hit. The number on the right, means how much damage it deals on block (Aka Chip Damage).
  3. Startup is how many frames your move takes to become active, which includes the first active frame.
  4. Active is how many frames your damage hitboxes will be active, and hit the opponent.
  5. Recovery means how many frames you'll take to finish the attack animation after your active frames end.
  6. State indicates how/where your opp must be for you to use your move. For example, you can only do 3B's when the opp is on the ground. Otherwise you can use them normally (Any)
  7. Frame advantage is how long it takes for you to recover after your opponent makes contact with the move in question (left is on hit, right is on block assuming a perfect switch guard), +5 means you recover 5 frames earlier than they do.
  8. Meter gain indicates how much meter you gain by doing the move in question, on hit (On the left) and on block (on the right)
  9. Guard is how you should block the move, M stands for Mid, L for Lows and H for Highs.
  10. Cancel indicates if the move is cancellable or not, ○/○ means that it cancels on both hit and block, ×/× indicates that you can't cancel that move at all. △ Indicates that you only have a special type of cancel on that move (Usually BC).
  11. Tech indicates when you can tech the move. Air means an airtech (pressing D after getting hit in the air) and Ground means a groundtech, where you roll after hitting the ground.
  12. The move's description. Their usage also goes here.
  13. Flavor text

Frame data listed for speed normals is applicable to ex mode

  • For link combos the plus frames must be 1 more than the move that follows for it to connect. For example Kaede’s 4A is +9 on hit, so anything that hits on or before 8F (startup + 1st active frame) can connect.
  • For punishes a move must hit 1F faster than the number shown. Kaede’s 5A for example can be -7 (with opponent switch guarding) so anything that hits in 6F (startup + 1st active frame) or less can punish it in range.
  • Using the above example you can say that Kaede’s 5A is a 5-frame normal, or that it has 4 frames of startup (startup minus the first active frame). Both are correct in context.
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