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  • A, B, and C can cancel in both Power Mode and Speed Mode
  • forward + B (Power and Speed) is not cancellable
  • forward + C in Speed Mode is not cancellable


  • all but low A and low C in Power mode can cancel when crouching

Ground Hits

  • df + B
  • C
  • u + C

Special Moves

Messianic Blast - qcf + A/B

  • Akari launches a blue fireball
  • B version is stronger, but travels a shorter distance

Astro-Revolve - d, u + C

  • Akari leaps into the air swirling blue energy around her
  • Anti-air properties
  • Super Cancel able
  • Follow up with Tenmon Kakageshi Tenshin (d, u + B)
  • Follow up with Tenmon Tenzuru Hokuto (d, up + C)

Rice Patty Demon Dicer - dp + A/B/C

  • Akari disappears and uses her demon forces to drop her around her opponent.
  • A version puts her in front of opponent
  • B version puts her behind the opponent
  • C version puts her directly above opponent
  • Follow up with MeiRyu Mari Otoshi (d + C) so Akari can bounce back and do more damage
  • Follow up with MeiRyu Mari Houri (u + C) so Akari can move away safely after attack
  • Follow up with MeiRyu Houri (u + B) so Akari additionally stomps on opponent
  • Follow up with MeiRyu Mari Koroge (hold A/B) so Akari moves away (A) or toward (B) opponent

Koumyou Gojuugo - rdp + A/B/C

  • Akari hits opponent with talisman, creating a temporary hex effect on opponent
  • Reifu Uou Saou (A version) makes the left or right controls reversed
  • Reifu Tenchi Muyou (B version) makes the up or down controls reversed
  • Reifu Anchuu Mosaku (C version) makes doing specials impossible
  • Drains some of the super meter

Pure Princess Parry - hcb + A

  • Akari puts her staff to the ground. If hit connects, a demon bell drops on her her opponent, exploding seconds later.
  • Unblockable

Changing Troll - hcb + B

  • Akari fakes sleeping and awaits a counter. If opponent hits her as she "sleeps" she disappears and reappears above opponent to land on them.

Transforming Troll - hcb + C

  • Uses paper talisman to turn into her opponent (same character and power type). Cannot use DM or SDM as transformed person, and will revert to herself if hit
  • Drains super meter

Desperation Moves

Sextex Synthesis - qcb, db, f + AB

  • Akari hops and hits low to summon a demon centipede. If it hits, the centipede will come from the ground to carry opponet, while Akari rides the centipede on it's side

Super Desperation Moves

100 Demon Sabbath - hcb, f + B

  • Akari taunts her opponent spinning her staff in the air. If she's hit while doing this, a legion of demons or spirits come to trample opponent and Akari. Opponent will take damage, Akari will not


Any Mode

  • Dash A/B, qcf B
  • j B, b B, d B
  • Dash A/B, rdp C
  • J B, d B d, u C, d, u C, u C
  • j B, f C, b B (x5), d, u C, d, u C, df B
  • j B, b B, d B, qcb, db, f AB

Power Mode Only

  • j B, f C, qcf B
  • j B, f C, qcb, db, f AB
  • j B, f C, hcb, f B

EX Mode Only

  • BC, hcb, f B
  • j B, A, d B, hcb, f AB
  • Dash A/B, d B, hcb, f B

Power and EX Mode

  • j B, B, d, u C, qcb, hcf AB
  • j B, B, hcb, f B
  • j B, f C, b B (x4), hcb, f B

Speed and EX Mode

  • j B, b A, A, A, B, f C, u C
  • BC, qcf A
  • BC, d, u C, d, u C
  • Dash A/B, B, qcf B
  • j B, b A, A, A, B, f C, b B (x5), qcb, db f AB
  • j B, b A, A, A, B, f C, b B (x5), qcf A

Super Speed Combos

  • A + B + C + A + B + C + A + B + qcf C
  • A + B + C + A + B + C + C + B + qcf A
  • A + B + C + d C + A + d C + f BC
  • A + B + C + d C + A + BC + A + qcf B
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