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New KoF XIV trailer preceding the PlayStation Experience event introduces Andy Bogard

We only expected to see anything new about KoF XIV, but SNKP released something new before that – a new trailer:

Andy is now confirmed in the cast, with a slightly revised look like everyone else so far, and other visual tweaks can also been seen – namely, Kyo now has brown hair instead of the black he had in previous trailers.

Who knows what else we can find out in the event itself with the playable demo?

The PlayStation Experience 2015 event takes place on December 5th and 6th.


SNK Playmore officially withdraws from Pachislot business


A few weeks ago, we reported that SNK Playmore might be withdrawing from the Pachislot business.  Today, the company has officially released a press statement to announce their withdrawal from the Pachislot industry.

With the Pachislot division shut down, SNK Playmore will focus on their games and licensing business.  For games, the company will leverage their partnership with Ledo to create synergy in the mobile games category.  The company is also focusing on console games, with the PS4 exclusive The King of Fighters XIV being the focus of development right now.  The company is also expanding its games development staff.

For their licensing business, the company will continue to leverage the popular IP titles like The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and Samurai Spirits.  In particular, their recent partnerships with Ledo on “The King of Fighters 97 OL” and with OurPalm on “The King of Fighters 98 OL” have been highly sucessful.  The company expects many more partnerships in China and the rest of the world in the future.

The company cites the decline of Pachinko players and also regulatory changes have created uncertainties in the Pachislot business.  Due to the difficultly in forecasting the Pachislot business, the company have decided to withdraw from the industry.  All the staff from the Pachislot business will be transferred to the games division.

Source:  SNK Playmore

Battle Royale II at Next Level Arcade November 14, 2015

The Secret Society, Dream Cancel, and various members from the KOF community have once again teamed up to create another High Stakes KOF XIII tournament being hosted at the infamous Next Level Arcade, a frequently visited venue of many great players of all games. Arturo “nycfurby” Sanchez of Team Spooky is confirmed to be streaming the event at as well as Team Kick-Punch-Block at In addition, this event is a Dream Cancel Cup Premier Qualifying event for all games in the Finals taking place on January 2016. If you live in the tristate area and or have been looking for a KOF 98, KOF 98UM:FE, and or KOF 2K2UM tournament, then you most definitely do not want to miss out on this event. Check out the thread here and the facebook event page here for more details. If you wanna know what you may have missed out on last year, check out the match below as it capsulizes the hype levels of what is to come. WARNING, video has colorful language (NSFW) so be cautious where watching it.


SNK Playmore possibly shutting down Pachinko Slot division


According to a report by Pachinko industry site Pachislot Village, SNK Playmore will be shutting down their Pachislot business.  They reported that SNK Playmore currently has no new Pachislot machines on file for approval in the new couple months.

Separately, a report on Yugi-Nippon reported that the SNK Playmore will close their Tokyo office at the end of this month.  The Tokyo office handles most of the of SNK Playmore’s Pachislot business.  The Tokyo staff will be given the option to transfer to the games division at the Osaka main office.

The Pachislot business has been in decline in recent years.  Four other companies have left the Pachinko industry due to various reasons.  One of the main reasons to the decline is the possibility of gambling legalization in Japan.  Pachinko makers are set to face immense competition against foreign multinationals and face addition gambling taxes should the gambling legalization bill were to pass next year.

SNK Playmore’s decision to shut down their Pachislot division is a sharp turn from the remarks that president Koichi Sotyama made earlier this summer “… The Pachislot market is currently suffering from a massive decline of users in their 20’s, and it is important that we develop new machines targeted towards the younger range audience. We are a Pachislot maker as well as a Videogame maker. We will do our best to make Pachislot fans out of videogame fans.”


Pachinko Village, Yugi Nippon via Kof Koucha, Professor, Gatoray

The Fall Classic 2015 Top 8


Coming from just about the middle of the East Coast in Raleigh, NC, the third installment of The Fall Classic tournament series is happening from Sept. 11-13, 2015. The Top 8 of the KOFXIII tournament will be streamed Sept. 13 12PM EST (9AM PST) by Bifuteki. You can follow the streams and event schedule here. Brackets for those wanting to know who was in attendance and keep in mind that not everything is updated immediately by TOs so some waiting will have to happen. There were 62 entrants according to the Challonge and 60 players pre-registered.

Watch live video from bifuteki on

SNK Playmore and Square Enix settle their “High Score Girl” manga legal dispute amicably

SNK Playmore logo


Last year SNK Playmore took legal against Square Enix, filing a criminal complaint due to the fact that SE’s publishing branch did not consult them about using content from their games in the “High Score Girl” manga (which heavily covered arcade games from the 90s), and some time after Square Enix took legal against against SNKP in retaliation. As a result, the manga in question also ceased to be published.

Today both companies announced that they have reached an agreement on the issue, in which Ledo Millenium, SNKP’s new major stockholder, has played a part:

As a result, the legal processes initiated by both companies will cease, and the “High Score Girl” manga will resume publication.

Humble Bundle SNK Weekend Sale

For the whole weekend (August 14th to August 17th) save up to 50% off all current SNK titles on Steam! That includes Metal Slug, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug X, with King of Fighters XIII, King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition and King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match!

SNK Playmore acquired by Chinese Company

SNK_logoA while ago, we reported that SNK Playmore was possibly in talks to be acquired by a Chinese company called Leyou Technologies.  The news originated from a stock filing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  Though the exact name of the target company was not identified in the document, the details highly suggest that it was SNK Playmore.  Since then, things have been relatively quiet and just when one would think that the deal has gone south, more news have surfaced recently and it seems like the deal have taken a different turn.

In a surprising twist, two different companies – Oriental Securities and Shunrong Sanqi have established a joint venture called Zheyuan to invest in Ledo Millenium, a subsidiary of Leyou Technologies.  Through Ledo Millenium, the newly formed joint venture will pay 63.5 million USD to acquire 81.25% of SNK Playmore’s shares directly from former SNK CEO Eikichi Kawasaki and wife Natsuyo Kawasaki.  The shares will give them majority control of SNK Playmore.  The acquisition puts SNK Playmore a valuation at 78 million USD.  The transaction was finalized on 8/6/2015 in Osaka, Japan.

Dongfang Xinghui (subsidiary of Oriental Securities) will be the majority shareholder of the joint venture with 80% of the shares.  The CEO of Dongfang Xingui, Zheng Jianhui commented that the main reason for their acquisition of SNK Playmore is their vast number of game IPs and the all the tie-ins the SNK characters are involved in.  In particular, he mentioned that going forward they aim to follow the “Marvel formula,” where the Marvel Universe has branched off into different spaces including comics, games, television, and movies to form a complete and synergistic IP portfolio.  He is also looking forward to collaborations with other Chinese companies to develop games, anime, manga, televisions, and movies in order to fully develop SNK’s intellectual property.

Shunrong Sanqi, the minority owner of the joint venture is a Chinese online gaming giant. The company has recently acquired stakes in various media companies.  Their cofounder and director, Wu Xushun, has recently joined the ranks of online game billionaires.


Official announcement from Shunrong Sanqi


Exploring KoF XIII dialogues: Mai and the Shiranui legacy

Even if you play KoF mostly for the competitive side of things and don’t really care about the game’s story, you must have at least spent some time in XIII’s Arcade mode to unlock Billy and Saiki. In the process, you may have read or skipped all the pre-match exchanges between every pair of characters that meets in the game’s Arcade mode.

Some of those conversations reference story elements from previous games, and not just from the KoF series, so new players might not be familiar with some of the referenced names and events. Since the stories and characters SNK has developed over the years are among the strongest aspects of their body of work, it’s worth trying to clarify some of them.

She doesn’t have a major role in KoF XIII’s primary story, but as a famous character she was heavily requested during XII’s release. Mai was therefore given considerable focus in XIII’s promotional materials, so she seems like an interesting character to start with.

In her match with Takuma, he mentions someone called Hanzo:

mai-takuma_hanzo Read more

Rumor: SNK Playmore acquired by Chinese Company

SNK_logo**  This story is developing.  We will be updating this article as more information comes to light**

There is a rumor that SNK Playmore has been acquired by a Chinese company circulating around.  The rumor is based on a recent disclosure of interest document submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by Leyou Technologies Holdings.

As a rule, publicly listed companies are required to submit a document whenever they acquire a controlling stake in another company.

In the disclosure of interest document they submitted to the HKSE, Leyou Technologies Holdings mentioned a possible investment in a renowned Japanese video game developer, that if materialized will result in the company indirectly acquiring a controlling interest in the target company.

Although the name of the target company was not listed in the document, the target company was described as “a historically distinguished video game hardware and software company with headquarters in Osaka, Japan. The Target Company primarily operates as a third party video game developer and publisher on all major platforms including arcade, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii and PC. Classic franchise games published or owned by the Target Company include, but is not limited to, the genre of fighting games, run and gun games, and a rail shooter arcade game. The Target Company is most notable for creating a video game platform in the form of home game console in the 1990s. Their most popular and successful console was a portable handheld machine with coloured graphics launched
in 1999. Its successful track record in producing hit games and the fact that it had  previously cooperated with Capcom to make hit fighting games, leaves no doubt that the Target Company is one of the most celebrated video game developers in Japanese history.”

Given the description, there is a strong possibility that the target company is in fact SNK Playmore.

It should be noted that the acquisition has not been materialized yet. It is still subject to due diligence and execution of definitive agreements between the parties. The term sheet between the two companies are not legally binding, but Leyou has already paid a $2 million USD non-refundable deposit for entering the agreement.

More about Leyou Technologies

Leyou Technologies Holdings is a Chinese holding companies primarily specialized in chicken farming. Recently, they have been trying to diversify their business. They recently acquired a controlling stake in Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe and co-developer of the Unreal series.

Here is the official description of Leyou Technologies Holding:

Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, manufactures and trades in chicken meat products, animal feeds, and chicken breeds in the People’s Republic of China. It operates through Chicken Meat, Chicken Breeds, and Animal Feeds segments. The company is involved in the slaughtering, production, and sale of chicken meat products, including chicken wings, chicken breast, chicken legs, etc. under the Sumpo brand name to individual and corporate distributors, as well as direct customers, which include fast food chains, restaurants, etc. It also engages in hatching broiler eggs; breeding parent stock day-old chicks; breeding and selling poultry commodity broilers, chicken breeds, and aquatic products; selling packaged food products; and providing breeding techniques consultancy services. The company was formerly known as Sumpo Food Holdings Limited and changed its name to Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited in January 2015. Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Longyan, the People’s Republic of China.


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