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Classic King of Fighters / Re: The Judge's Letter
« on: April 03, 2011, 12:02:52 AM »

And SFIV is the best selling fighting game right now! And yet its only average in sales! Now try to imagine what kind of numbers KoF, Blazblue, etc hold. How much they matter on the whole, compared to all this. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the problem: people are too busy living in a bubble, or too busy pointing fingers and whining to notice the overall, frightening, truth: Fighting games are still on the verge of death. This is a concept many may be hard-pressed to believe but I go by actual results. Check sometime and look up the sales figures on fighting games.

I strongly disagree with this, I feel that fighting games are back in force of popularity not because of sales figures but because of how many people are playing them nowadays, new and upcoming games, the hype and excitement around them and how many people are interested in learning them.

You can strongly disagree, but the sales figures show how many people are playing. Its not like there are ten million people playing with free copies or anything here. I can show you actual sales data to show this, and while you wanna think its strong sad to say its not. People can't play unless they buy the games, and if people aren't buying the games then that shows how many people are actually playing. It may seem like a lot, but compare it to whats actually working and you'll see the genre is still very much on the brink of fading away. It is not as bad as it was, but by no means has SFIV saved things forever. Don't confuse hype with reality here. And you must remember by a company's standards, SALES are what will determine if they keep making fighting games and Capcom mostly does not want to continue this. Why is that? Do you think they have a hatred for it? No, it is because of sales. This is the issue we are faced with here man its not a fantasy or opinion. It is fact.

Classic King of Fighters / Re: The Judge's Letter
« on: April 02, 2011, 11:25:52 AM »
Albeit for me to revive old threads, and forgive me for being so late to the party here irregardless but...I'd like to share a few thoughts.

For one, according to the Judge, the "Street Fighter" mentality has kinda scared people off from playing KoF. I could see that, but I don't see Street Fighter as THE American fighting game especially when things like Tekken 6 still sell better overall. Street Fighter IV has sold well, but take a look back in time around the late nineties and early 2000s. What really began to cause a stir and kept the community alive was truly, Marvel vs Capcom 2. This was THE American game. It was not widely played outside the US, not in Japan and not in Central/South America. It is basically an American dominated scene. Back then, the community was smaller and so many fans of <insert game here> kind of melded in with the rest of them here in the states. But Marvel dominated here, and always has. You can say SF is Basketball but then that would make Marvel? American Football. And it pretty much is that way still today. You got some Japanese players like Tokido, interested in playing but overall the Japanese players aren't accustomed to it and don't play.

Now that point goes on to something else The Judge had to say. This goes along with how the "three vs three" turns people off. If you look at America as dominated by SF? Yes, you're right. However, I see things differently. I see more of the casual or less "fans" of a certain series, branching out more into other areas. Games like Tekken, appealing more for being a more realistic fighting game experience. Coupled with the fact that the core and strength of the FG community America was Marvel vs Capcom 2, a 3v3 fighting game with a pretty huge emphasis on not only jumps but FLIGHT as well as TAGOUTS? I seriously question KoF scaring people off with just jumping and 3v3. The notion seems silly when you understand the MvC2 factor in all this. Street Fighter seriously began to die off around the time MvC2 came out. Sure there was Alpha 3...but it didn't have nearly the same impact as MvC2. And 3rd Strike wasn't even recognized here for years to come.

Now thats all just mostly, me seeing a few flaws in the argument. Overall, Judge makes some great points but I really don't think it has much to do with KoF scaring people off, or the SF Factor. Don't get me wrong, people LOVE SF here as well but...its not the same as Marvel is here. After all...its mahvel baybee. But now lets go on to something that I believe is a much larger problem. One many KoF fans do not see, nor do many Capcom, Arc System Works, etc fans see. Do you know how much of the industry fighting games combined hold? Thats every fighting game currently selling on the market, between every company out there period. I'll tell you, but you won't believe me too easily or like it. Our genre? Holds a large 3% of the market. Yep, three percent. Thats a lot ain't it? Almost as much No its NOT a lot. Uh oh! So whats selling? Well, FPS' sell and RTS is picking up as well. Strategy games and RPGs hold the largest dominance in the industry. While you can say SFIV sold well, I'll tell you this: it sold average at best. Do you know big name rpgs sell five mil pretty regularly? If not more? Most big-budget FPS games sell close to ten mil, which is ten times more than SFIV. You can say that SF hasn't been in the industry for ten years and yeah neither has Marvel...but the industry has changed. Back in the early 2000s, gaming was still niche. The PS2 succeeded in turning gaming mainstream, which was only furthered pushed forward by the Wii. The 360 brought the strength of the FPS genre to light, and Starcraft II as revived the RTS scene. Now if you look at the big leagues, people who get sponsored to play FPS? Look at them. They have teams, they have fans who want autographs and they get LEGITIMATE corporate sponsorships and are paid to play. What do we have? A few teams that seem shady about payment and Madcatz, who is an American company and only sponsors a Japanese player. Awesome.

And SFIV is the best selling fighting game right now! And yet its only average in sales! Now try to imagine what kind of numbers KoF, Blazblue, etc hold. How much they matter on the whole, compared to all this. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the problem: people are too busy living in a bubble, or too busy pointing fingers and whining to notice the overall, frightening, truth: Fighting games are still on the verge of death. This is a concept many may be hard-pressed to believe but I go by actual results. Check sometime and look up the sales figures on fighting games. Then compare them to FPS or RPG. You'll quickly see even without the ESA report, this is the unfortunate truth. I've come to believe that everyone needs to spread FIGHTING game awareness, and quit worrying about trying to get KoF's name out there. Or Street Fighter. Or Marvel. Or Blazblue. Spread EVERYTHING! I mean who cares who wins at this point? They might ALL vanish soon. Oh and this "boycotting" crap needs to stop cause uh...doesn't help, only hurts the overall problem. Many people may feel this is over-exaggeration on my part, or may feel it won't matter in the long-run but...Capcom can disappear again at any time. Tekken was not enough to sustain the industry. 60% of Capcom still feels SF should not continue and they are being very limiting on what older titles they decide to bring back. They could stop this at any time...and then whats gonna happen? SNK is not capable of saving the entire industry and sad to say it, the only fighting game with the sales figures to stand a chance of keeping things alive is Smash. Yeah, sucks doesn't it? But at times like this, its better to embrace everything than continue hating or pointing fingers. And I also see, the entire FG community is more spread out now than ever before. I don't know if this is a good thing or not but...we as FG players need to spread the word of all games, not just SNK. At least, this is my stance. Around here, I maintain my SNK love but I just can't justify doing solely that outside of this place. I'd rather see SNK fall forever than see the entire genre crumble away into history like Pac-man and Donkey Kong.

I'll play sometime.

Real Bout 2 / Shooting Star - The Terry Bogard thread
« on: March 31, 2011, 10:06:10 AM »

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

-To win with Terry, you want to frustrate the opponent into jumping with Terry's nasty poking game, and pressuring them into cracking once they're in the corner.


-Ridiculous frame advantage

-High speed, power, and priority

-Incredibly good anti-air game


-His fireballs aren't too hot and have a little too much startup recovery

-No mindgames what-so-ever

-Only has two over-heads, and one of them, Power Dunk, is only worthwhile when used in a chain combo and even then is not too great

-If baited, his anti-airs can be punished severely, especially Rising Tackle


Far st. ;b

-Great reach

-Fast poke, helps keep people off of Terry

-Better suited for being about medium range when doing as a poke.

Far st. ;c

-Further reach than st. ;b

-Hits harder than st. ;b

-Slightly more recovery, but not a huge problem (Terry's frame recoveries are all insanely fast)

-Again, best suited to at medium range if used as a poke.

Crouching ;c

-Good reach


-Can be canceled into?


Buster Throw
 ;fd/ ;bk+ ;c(Close)

Command Moves

Back-step Kick - Terry does a jumping roundhouse kick
 ;fd+ ;b

-Knocks opponent into back plane

-Good for rushing down the opponent

-Good as a combo ender

-You can cancel it into a Special/DM by performing said Special/DM right before the kick comes out

Wild Upper - Terry does a straight uppercut into the air
 ;df+ ;a

-Good anti-air, but time it so the opponent is above you

 Power Dunk - Terry follows up by knocking the opponent into the air and coming back down with a downward punch
 ;uf+ ;b (Right after Wild Upper)

Charge Kick - Terry does a running kick, similar to a punt in Football
 ;fd ;fd+ ;c


-Can cancel Charge Kick into a Special/DM by doing the Special/DM just before the kick comes out

-Can be canceled without hitting the opponent

Avoid Attack

Gut Uppercut - Terry does a fast uppercut into the air
 ;a+ ;b

-Good anti-air

-Use at the very moment you are about to be hit by the opponent to avoid an attack and counter-attack (Not on projectiles)

 Power Charge - Terry follows up his Gut Uppercut with a football style tackle
  ;fd+C (Right after Gut Uppercut)

 -Can juggle after the Power Charge

 -Power Charge does not combo off of Gut Uppercut

Fake Attacks

Burn Knuckle Fake - Terry does the initial frames of the Burn Knuckle
 ;fd+ ;a+ ;c

-A good fake to use

Power Geyser Fake - Terry does the initial frames of the Power Geyser
 ;dn+ ;b+ ;c

-Another decent fake of his to use

Special Moves

Burn Knuckle - Terry poses for a moment, then flies across the screen with his arm extended, fist covered in energy.
 ;dn ;db ;bk + ;a/ ;c


-Can juggle a Rising Tackle with the  ;c version if they're in the air.

- ;a version comes out faster and goes out half the screen and does less damage

- ;c version comes out slower, but it covers the whole screen distance and does more damage

-Does decent stun

-Breakshotable. Highly recommended to use as a Breakshot

Power Wave - Terry punches the ground and throws a spark along the ground
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a

-Good for pressuring, but not recommended to use if you're far from your opponent.

-Will clash other projectiles, canceling both out.

Round Wave - Terry punches the ground, creating a small explosion around his fist
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;c

-Hits both planes

-Must be blocked low in the back plane

-Pulls opponent to front plane even if they block

-Absorbs projectiles

-Not overly useful except for attacking the back plane

Crack Shoot - Terry travels through the air with one leg extended, flying in a semi circular path.
 ;dn ;db ;bk + ;b

-Good to use from medium range


-Good to use in combos

-Does not give knockdown


Fire Kick - Terry slides along the ground with one foot extended, if it connects, he does a second kick, which will send the opponent into the air.
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;b

-The sliding kick must be blocked low

-Sliding kick must connect to perform the full attack

-Follow up kick launches opponent into the air and can be followed up with a Rising Tackle

-Needs to be used at about medium range at least or it won't connect


-Can be followed up with an  ;a Burn Knuckle or a Crack Shoot


-Difficult to use to surprise your opponent

Passing Sway - Terry hits the opponent with an elbow and then finishes with a turn around kick
 ;dn ;df ;fd + ;d

-Will send Terry to the back plane

-Will not work if opponent is in the back plane

-Not very useful as it doesn't provide much any advantage on hit

-Very little recovery lag

Rising Tackle - Terry risies from the ground spinning, feet first, arms extended
Charge ;dn,  ;up+ ;a

-Fantastic anti-air

-Has good priority

-Combos well

-Has low recovery lag

Desperation Move

Power Geyser - Terry punches the ground and a huge explosion rises.
 ;dn ;db ;bk, ;db, ;fd + ;b + ;c

-Good anti-air

-Great priority

-Comes out fast

-Quick recovery

-Absorbs projectiles

-Cannot combo off of anything (Unsure of this)

Super Desperation Move

Tripple Geyser - Terry punches the ground, creating three huge explosions with every punch
 ;dn ;db ;bk, ;db, ;fd + ;c

-Absorbs projectiles

-Combos off of practically everything


-Is possible to juggle from this, but its extremely hard

Real Bout 2 / Re: Rumble in the Jungle Results and Discussion
« on: March 29, 2011, 09:10:22 PM »
There was some lag, but they said it wasn't that bad. Its not like it was KoF XII day 1 lag lol

Real Bout 2 / Rumble in the Jungle Results and Discussion
« on: March 29, 2011, 09:07:42 AM »
Edit: Posted up the wrong video! Sorry guys, here's the right one.

King of Fighters 2k2/UM / Re: 2K2UM XBLA Player Compendium
« on: March 20, 2011, 09:37:17 AM »
Gamertag: steeeeeaaam
Location: Lake City, FL

Online Matchmaking / Re: How to play any arcade title on GGPO
« on: March 19, 2011, 11:09:41 PM »
Haven't had an issue with button configurations, but I find if you open ggpofba.exe and you actually configure your buttons THERE, it will save your configuration for GGPO. So do that first, then try it again, Louis.

As for UMK3? Haven't tried yet but as long as the emulator (nFBA or FBA) is capable of running UMK3, there should be no reason this would not work. Just a heads up: All players need to have the same savestate. If they do not, the game will have desync issues.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Home Port Wishlist
« on: March 15, 2011, 11:01:51 PM »
That's a really cool idea. And unlike capcom who are unable to go to any other sf game than the second one for good music, there actually is a fair deal of good stuff for kof. It could both work, be fair and unique all at once.

I dunno man, I loved the music in the Darkstalkers series, the Alpha series, SFIII series, JoJo, Marvel vs series (MvC2 was good but...different). Only miss for Capcom imho would be SFIV/SSFIV which they sorta fix by letting you hear remixes of the classic stuff. MvC3 is mostly remixes of MvC1 music, but the new stuff there like X-23's music is really good, same with others like She-Hulk. Albeit for me to bring up something in favor for Capcom on an SNK forum...but ya know, give credit where credit is due. SNKP makes some pretty good music but I was rather disappointed with 94, 97, 98, 2001, 2002, 2003, and XI's soundtracks. They had some okay stuff here and there, but really I didn't get much outta those soundtracks. And they remix songs or rehash them a LOT. Check out how many Geese remixes there are, or Esaka (Japan team) remixes that exist. They can't seem to go one game without Esaka being in it. XIII truly has good music though, unique too. Terry/Team Fatal Fury's "Kurikinton" sucks imo too and always has. There's much better music to use, like 196th Street.

Most of the Earthquake and Tsunami effected areas like Fukushima, so places like Tokyo are not too bad off right now. Many game developers, mangakas, people involved in anime etc are being asked about on a large scale, and most of them are tweeting that they are all right. Since SNKP is still making updates, they should be all right mostly.

Meet & Greet / Re: Hello everyone!!!!
« on: March 15, 2011, 10:46:10 PM »
Welcome to Dreamcancel. Looking forward to seeing some of your recorded matches.

Real Bout 2 / Re: RB2 Player Compendium
« on: March 15, 2011, 09:08:01 AM »
You won't be able to play at all? I'm not planning any more matches until the 26th. But I gotta ask (even though I started it lol) all posts concerning FFS should probably be directed to the FFS thread in Online Matcmaking.

Real Bout 2 / Re: RB2 Player Compendium
« on: March 14, 2011, 10:28:34 AM »
That would be fine. Currently, we'll have to give you a bye since you'll be the 17th person - odd man out. If we get another player added, that'll make it easier. Currently, we've had issues with people showing up to play.

Kain < Terry

Any day. Every day. Yeah, I said it. SO WHAT, NOCTURNAL? Bring it on come on

I'm down any day :D. Terry is actually pretty good vs Kain. Both have guard crush options that lead to big damage. Overall Kain does have the advantage in the match but it depends on the players skills when they play each other.

I was just calling you out to be a jackass lol but I'd love to any time. I'm trying out a new grip, and I need all the practice I can get.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: March 13, 2011, 08:16:30 AM »
I've always found its best to stick with who you like, not who "wins the most". Tiers can change fast, and sometimes the opinions of Certain top players ends up getting proven wrong real quick, or even after a few years. Whose to say someone doesn't discover something about Terry that makes him win? Or another character? And if not, you have on advantage: less people using him = less people know how to fight against him.

a player thats as simple as terry is easily figured out. hes a beas when you got 4 bars and hd mode. normally terry sucks compared to players like k or kula. fact.

No, opinion my friend. Tiers are always based on opinions and are always based around what the top players prefer to use and what they claim is the top. But take Adon in SSFIV for example and what Justin Wong said about him, then an Adon player knocked him into loser's. Same thing MSS in MvC2, Magneto was considered a bad character for the longest time. And remember what Dark Geese said in his podcast: Everyone in Mexico uses every character. They don't use just the same old characters over and over based on "Who is winning". They make everybody win. So sorry to say buddy, but facts are stacked against you. Who the Chinese and Koreans win with or even Japan is very nice, but try to remember that tiers and opinions on who is best and who "sucks" is all a matter of perspective from the players. You play online enough, you'll begin to see its not so clear cut and dry.

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