This page lists many KOF focused video channels from around the world and of many different skill levels. Some pages which aren’t KOF focused have search strings which can find KOF matches quickly within the channel. channels:
AGE|Romance & Luis Cha’s KOFXIII informative/tutorial KOFXIII stream
Korea’s team Cafeid stream
Streams KOFXIII Q & A training mode sessions and casuals
B.A.L.A stream channel which features many casual KOFXIII matches
Norcal KOFXIII scene
Archive of France’s ESB 2012 KOFXIII tournament

Niconico Video:
A KOF13 search string which features the most recently uploaded videos at Nico Nico


Youtube channels:
B.A.L.A’s youtube channel which features matches and combo videos
KOFUNION’s youtube channel
KaneBlueRiver from Chile youtube channel
Mirrors KOFXIII matches from various events
ArcadeShock channel
Caribbean KOF
KOF channel of Orchinagi’s Gunsmith
Mostly older KOF combo videos
French KOF community channel
Saiki TJ MX’s (aka Sir Octopus) channel which features KOFXIII combo videos
Great Dark Hero’s channel which features some casual KOFXIII match videos, and tutorials
Level|upSeries search string for KOFXIII
Offcast search string for KOFXIII
Casuals and tournament match videos for KOFXIII, 02UM from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Playlist of KOFXIII match videos from FightingMachineVS based in Saudi Arabia
KOFXIII match videos from Peru
Korean channel with XIII combos
Channel of combos for lots of fighting games
Moroccan Fighting Game Community channel which features lots of KOFXIII match videos
Iplaywinner’s channel
Mexican KOFXIII channel
Features Mexican matches of KOFXIII, KOF02, KOF02UM, KOF98UM and others
Kusanagi (Aozaki Kyo’s) channel from Mexico which features many KOFXIII matches
XIII combos
Match videos of lots of games including XIII, 02UM etc.
Features Japan KOFXIII combo & match videos, including match videos of KOF02UM, KOF98, and other SNK Games
Korea’s Mad KOF’s channel which features many KOFXIII
South African channel which features KOFXIII gameplay character tutorials, casuals and more
Brazilian KOF channel which features KOFXIII, and GGPO KOF02 matches etc.
Taiwanese channel which features many match videos of different KOF games
Japanese arcade channel which features many match vides of different KOF games
Japanese tournament footage of KOFXIII, 02UM and many other fighting games
Fixel’s from Norcal uploading local KOFXIII matches
Features lots of KOFXIII characters tutorial videos and basic game system tutorials for beginners
Keykakko from Japan channel
ZeroBlack from Chile channel
Paulo Sandoval from Chile’s channel
Features KOF footage from SoCal
Toronto Canada KOF
Bahrain KOF
KOF channel from London, United Kingdom
Mexico KOF channel, affiliated with Japonawa
French KOFXIII channel
Caribbean KOFXIII channel – Hyun Sai
Features lots of KOFXIII combo tutorials
Mexican KOF channel
Mexican KOF channel
KoF Roma – Italian KOFXIII channel
Mg KOF – Mexican KOFXIII channel
Team Frontera (Mexico) KOFXIII channel
Kyoto Japan KOF channel
VersusDojo Paris, France KOF channel
Uploads KOFXIII Climax versus festival videos
Frionel from France KOF  channel
East Coast FGC streamer channel
Seattle FGC channel
ImbuedGold’s new channel
Rosarito Mexico’s FGC KOF channel
Khannibalito’s channel
Mexico Arcade Gamers channel
Ge Os Combo Video Makers channel (Mexico)–R6xhhQgpuF1s-oU2udw/search?query=kof
Riyadh FGC channel
Colorado KOF FGC channel
East Coast Player BigDaddyCMaster’s channel
Chinese KOF channel with lots of steam edition replays
Kouhatsu Arcade Japan Channel
Cafeid’s Mad KOF alternative youtube channel
KOFkimith’s KOF Combo Video Channel
Chilean FG Channel
Indiana KOF channel
KOF from the Oman GCC community
Lots of replays from the Chinese QQ game client KOF community
Persona’s new channel of KOF combo videos
Misterio’s channel (Chile)
Past videos from SoCals
Dune from Japan youtube channel


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