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Introduction Video


Tap the forward direction, return to neutral, then quickly press and hold the forward direction to make the character run. Once the run animation has started, it is possible to continue it by holding down-forward in order to also charge downwards while running. It is possible to immediately cancel the run into a crouch, jump (which will automatically be a forward superjump), hop (which will automatically be a forward hyperhop), normal attack, special move, or roll. It is not possible to immediate cancel the run into a block. If the forward direction is released (other than to crouch or jump/hop), there will be a short recovery animation before any other action can be taken.


Tap the back direction twice to make the character backdash. The character is considered airborne after 1 frame (approximately 1/60th of a second), so the character will be unthrowable (except by certain antiair command throws) and any hits taken will either put the character in a juggleable state or an aerial reset state. Distance traveled, duration, and recovery time vary by character. During a backdash, it is possible to execute some command normals and special moves that can be done in the air. These can alter the distance traveled and backdash duration (e.g. a common tactic with Iori is to backdash and immediately execute a j.b+B to travel a significantly farther distance).

Dandy J's Video on Running And Backdashing

Shows off buffering techniques that make backdashing and running more effective.

Jumps and Hops

In KOF XIII, there are 4 different types of jumps:

  • Normal Jump - This is the basic type of jump seen in most fighting games. Normal jumps have a short startup time on the ground during which the character is unthrowable but is otherwise completely vulnerable. Many characters have at least one normal move with a different animation and/or different properties when executed from a neutral normal jump (i.e. by holding up) than from a diagonal normal jump or other jump types.
  • Hyperjump - Done by either tapping any downward direction followed quickly by holding either up-forward or up-back, or by canceling a run by holding up-forward. This has the same height as a normal jump but moves faster and travels a significantly longer distance. Note that the startup time of a superjump is throwable.
  • Hop - Done by tapping any upward direction. The height and travel distance of a hop are significantly shorter than a normal jump, and the overall animation time is also shorter. Short hops will allow you to throw out instant overheads when you jump towards your opponent, making it easier to mix up your offense and set up safe jumps. Note that normals done from a hop (or hyperhop, detailed below) often cause a slightly different amount of damage from normals done during a normal jump or superjump.
  • Hyperhop - Done by either tapping any downward direction followed quickly by tapping either up-forward or up-back, or by canceling a run by tapping up-forward. This has the same height as a hop but moves faster and travels a significantly longer distance. Hyper hops close and open gaps between both characters quickly. As with superjumps, the startup time of a hyperhop is throwable.

Character Wake Speeds


Tier A

Iori Yagami

Tier B

  • Raiden, Kyo, Benimaru, Goro Daimon, Terry, Joe, Andy,
  • Billy, Ash, Saiki, Ryo, Robert, Takuma, Mature, Vice,
  • Elisabeth, Duo Lon, Shen, Kim, K', Kula, Maxima, Athena
  • Chin, Ralf, Clark, Leona

Tier C

Hwa Jai, King, Yuri, Kensou

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The King of Fighters XIII

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