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The King of Fighters XI/B.Jenet

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Bye-Bye Boo - Near opponent, press back or forward + C or D

Falling Crush - Near opponent in air, press back or forward + C or D

Unique Moves

Combination A - During standing close A, press A, A

Combination C - During standing close A or standing C, press C

Rolling Thunder - press down-forward + D

Special Moves

Buffrass - qcf + A or C

Crazy Ivan - qcb + A or C

The Hind - qcf + B or D

Gulf Tomohawk - qcb + B or D

Harrier Bee - In air, press down + B, B, B, B, B or D, D, D, D, D

Super Desperation Moves

Many Many Torpedoes - qcfx2 + A or C (DC)

Aurora - qcfx2 + B or D

Leader Desperation Move

An Oi Mademoiselle - qcbx2 + E



here is some bnb stuff with Jenet that YOU MUST KNOW..

First of all I believe her best move IMO is:

qcf+d,down+d (while in the air)

Why? Because on block after the down+D this move is relatively SAFE!!! Yes so it's great to annoy the HELL out of your opponent.

Other stuff: Anti Air- df+D (Her old TOP attack from Garou)-When you sense they are going to jump use this move seriously.

Here is some more DG stuff I do matter of fact-

backdash down+d- in the air and in a backdash you can do this move and if you since the opponent is gonna attack do the d,d,d,d (d rapidly) follow up to the down+D to make Jenet kick rapidly... Down +b in the air is the same move but it comes at a different angle and height.

Basic combos with Jenet- cr.bx2xxqcf+b st.axxst.cxxqcf+b. Cr.Cxxqcf+D,down+D,Dxxqcfx2p superxxDream Cancel into LDM. (Only qcfx2p super can dreamcancel) (in corner) Cr.Cxxqcf+D,down+D,D- reset with a/c into whatever.

Best HH is HH C because like Geese it hits double hit...

qcb+k (whatever her flipping dress hitting attack is) is an overhead

She's got good strings off of this stuff as well.

The King of Fighters XI

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