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What is the Tier List like?

Tier List by Dreamcancel Editors

Both lists are ordered left to right.


  • Very Good: Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Japan
  • Good Enough: Korea, England, USA
  • Good For Nothing: China


  • Goodfellas: Robert, Ryo, Terry, Andy, Daimon, Heidern, Takuma
  • Very Good: Clark, Ralf, Kyo, Benimaru, Kim, King, Choi
  • Good Enough: Joe, Brian, Heavy D!, Yuri, Kensou, Mai
  • Good For Nothing: Athena, Chang, Lucky, Chin

Character Rankings by Yosaku4399

Tier list can be found here.

  • S: Robert, Ryo, Terry, Daimon
  • A: King, Heidern, Choi, Benimaru, Kim
  • B: Kensou, Mai, Kyo, Andy, Takuma
  • C: Brian, Heavy D!, Clark, Ralf, Joe
  • D: Lucky, Athena, Chin, Chang, Yuri

Yosaku4399 has also made a tier list for ranking each team as a whole in a follow-up tweet which can be found here.

  1. Mexico
  2. Italy
  3. Japan
  4. Brazil
  5. England
  6. Korea
  7. China
  8. USA

Outdated(?) Tier Lists by HanzoHimemiya

Unlikely to be completely accurate other than Brazil and Mexico.

KOF 94 OG:

  • S: Brazil
  • A: Mexico, USA
  • B: Japan, England, Italy, Korea
  • C: China

Also note, no one plays 94 Re-Bout anymore, especially now with Fightcade making only 94 vanilla the playable version of the game. While info around 94 Re-Bout is sparse, as of writing it is believed that 94 Re-Bout does not make any balance changes to the game, thus making the below tier list very inaccurate that takes very little into consideration. For example, Mai is not that good, whereas Yuri is much stronger, or Terry being arguably the best character in the game with good buttons, easy stun combos, and great pressure.

KOF 94 Rebout:

  • Banned/God Tier: Saisyu, Rugal
  • S: Heidern, Mai, King, Kim
  • A: Ryo, Robert, Heavy D, Brian, Ralf, Clark
  • B: Everybody else
  • C: Chin, Chang, Choi


Are there any KOF94 ROM hacks?

Surprisingly, despite KOF being a series known for having a ton of rom hacks and bootlegs and all sorts of variants of its most popular titles, and even its lesser played titles, KOF94 has zero hacks or bootlegs associated with it. Well more accurately, being able to play hacks associated with it is incredibly rare to do. All that is known is that there exists some rom hacks made to either allow Rugal to be playable, allow custom edit teams, and one other Japan team centric rom hack. As to how these can be played remains a mystery.

The Japan Team centric ROM hack has footage recorded here, though it pulls from another hack named Hack Boss Remixed by ZKW. Custom team edit hack videos that showcase the existence of these hacks can be found here and here.


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