Cafeid announces Id Global tournament, featuring $10,000 prize for Kof XIII

Cafeid has just announced that they’re hosting a major next year. The list of games featured in the major includes KofXIII, SF4AE, and UMVC3. Of particular notice is the $20,000 USD prize money they put up, and because the folks at Cafeid loves Kof, the pot bonus for KofXIII will be the highest among all games at $10,000 USD.

Rumor on the street is that the tournament will feature the full lineup from team Cafeid including Madkof, Verna, Lacid, Poongko, SooA, and infiltration. Internationally, ET and Ren from Taiwan are almost certain that they’re going.  Lots of top Japanese players have expressed interested as well. Most importantly, they have extended an invitation to Bala, so we might finally get to see the long awaited rematch of Bala vs Madkof.

The details of the tournament are as follow:


The tournament will be held at the Hyatt Regency at Jeju.  Embedded below is a video tour of the amazing venue:

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  • Moneyyyy itself has never been attractive for me though, coz you own millions and still cannot make a game worth 10 dollars…you can never “buy” the reality no matter how much you pay…things like that. With that said, both Jeju and Hyatt rock. As for Jeju, it’s a beautiful place and has a unique geography (neo geo?) u can check it out with Korean tourism office or something…it won’t be difficult to feel like a king there.
    I just hope more old and new folks enjoy their casual meetings and matchups having known that there are ppl who stand and offer an opportunity like this. Even if you are not that good, you can still have fun and enjoy meeting your fellows.

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