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Dream Cancel KOFXIV Wiki Community Project Thread
« on: November 26, 2016, 07:21:45 PM »
This thread is for those currently working on the DC KOFXIV wiki, and people who may be interested in joining the editing team.

For current members, here are the rules

1.) No plagiarizing from other guides or wikis. Members found doing this will have their editing rights revoked.

2.) If you are banned from the forums for any reason, your editing rights will be revoked.

3.) Only contribute and edit pages for characters that you are focusing on or that you main. Don't worry about editing another characters page that you aren't learning or playing with.

4.) Be sure to document your contribution plans and edits in the character thread. Either their wiki building thread or main thread. If you have a video you want to add to a page, post it in the video thread first. If you have any helpful images you feel may be worth contributing, post them for which ever character it features, in the character thread. If its images on system information or mechanics, post them in this thread.

5.) Be sure to credit members who has contributed information in the character threads that you are adding to a page. Example:

6.) Be open to any feedback or constructive criticism you may receive in the character threads from any information or edits you may have done to any pages. Be open and free to share any feedback in those threads as well. Catch any kind of mistakes or useless information, and report them in the the thread.

7.) Again, ANY feedback or questions on any character pages should be discussed in their respective character threads.

8.) Any feedback or questions or the wiki as a whole should be discussed in this thread.

9.) Be sure to keep the formatting and organization in the pages the way it currently is. If you are having trouble trouble editing the wiki or have any technical questions, feel free to ask them here. If you have any ideas for much better design or organization for the pages, feel free to express them with us.

10.) When writing, please stay away from first person references and perspectives (use of the words "I", "my", "me" etc.)

11.) Make sure to use factual statements. Don't add things you aren't sure of 100% or have not tested out (or has been tested out with evidence by someone else).

12.) Stay away from adding storyline details to any pages.

13.) Use letter notation for movements (ex. qcf, hcb, etc). Not number notation (236, 214).

At the current moment of this thread being created (11/26/2016) these are the pages that need work. These links will be deleted (or noted) when content is added to each page: (has normal attack information) (needs moves descriptions) (needs combos) (needs more descriptions and combos) (BLANK) (needs combos and the descriptions checked for accuracy) (needs move descriptions and more combos) (BLANK) (BLANK) (BLANK) (BLANK) (BLANK) (BLANK) (could use a re-check or update since info is from demo version) (BLANK) (needs more move descriptions, a combo re-check) (needs more descriptions and combos) (needs more move descriptions and combos) (needs more descriptions and combos) (needs more descriptions and combos) (needs more descriptions and combos) (BLANK) (needs more descriptions and combos) (needs more descriptions and combos) (needs more descriptions and combos) (could use a re-check, info from demo version) (BLANK) (needs combos) (BLANK) (BLANK) (BLANK) (could use a update, info from demo version) (BLANK) (BLANK) (BLANK) (combos can use a update) (BLANK) (could use an update, more combos) (needs move descriptions and combo update)

If you will like to help any of the members above with their pages, communicate with them in the character thread for the pages they are working on:

To look at recent changes to the wiki, check out this page:

If you are interested in joining the wiki team, send me a PM (here, or discord, twitter) with a username, temporary password, email and optional real name. Also, provide a brief detail on what exactly you will like to contribute, if its system information, work on certain character pages, etc. The mod team and myself will take a look at your posting history to see how active you are in the forums and what kind of things you contribute gameplay wise, if it either questions/answers or combos, strats, etc.

If you are currently part of the wiki team for a while but haven't contributed anything so better start working soon because I will start revoking rights if you have contributed little to nothing and you aren't active. Here is an current active users list:

Thanks to everyone currently working on the wiki, your work is greatly appreciated. It is a community and team effort, and lets keep it that way.
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Re: Dream Cancel KOFXIV Wiki Community Project Thread
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 08:49:16 AM »

The new stamina changes for each character

Here are run speeds tested by Antinomy:

Quote from:  Antinomy
-Bandeiras, Vanessa, Mature, Vice, Luong
-Shun' Ei
-Choi, Billy, Angel, Ramon, Joe, Terry, Kyo, Benimaru, Kukri, Iori, Andy, Kensuo, Robert
-Tung, Clark, Kim, Ryo, Sylvie, Nelson, Alice, Antonov, Ralf, Geese, Hein.
-Yamazaki, Whip, Yuri, Mui Mui, Gang Il, Athena, King, Mian, Zarina, Mai, Nakoruru, Love, K', Kula, Meitenkun, Maxima

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