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KOFXIII: Joe Higashi Combo Video by Persona

PersonaEntertainment is back with another great combo video showing what crazy things Joe Higashi can do at different meter amounts and requirements:

Here are some thoughts from Persona himself:

“While rendering the video, I thought of a way to get 99 hits and still allowing the final hit to KO (if I added any hit without lowering the damage, all of the opponent’s health would be gone before the final hit). Just needed to start the second stun combo quicker so I can do jump D to stun instead of the hit before it and change the first two hits of the second stun combo to weak attacks to lower the damage.”

The description of the video has more of his notes and combo notation transcripts of all the combos that you see in the video! Check the thread he posted the video in for more written commentary on his combo video here: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=7.msg68277#msg68277

Source: PersonaEntertainment