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Jack is one of Mr. Big's highest ranked men. He runs his own gang called the Neo Black Cats, and hangs frequently at bars around South Town. He has formed rivalries with many of the underground thugs crawling in South Town, and even has beef with King. After his defeat from Ryo and Robert in AOF1, Jack continued to lead his gang, until he was invited to the King of Fighters tournament.

Special Moves

Kuuchuu Nage - C (In The Air and Close) [0% spirit meter]

  • Jack grabs and throws the opponent in the air
  • Does slightly more damage than heavy air attacks

Knuckle Pad - qcf + A (236 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Jack rushes forward and punches straight ahead
  • Bad up close but good if spaced out
  • Can be used to guarantee a dizzy after a normal throw doing it meaty
  • Will not travel very far with red spirit bar

Bomber Dance - qcb + A (214 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Jack does a short combo attack
  • Not very practical to use in any situation

Dynamite Lariat - f, b, f + A (646 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Jack travels forward and swings his arm in the air
  • Does good damage but slow
  • Can be used to secure quick dizzies
  • Will not travel very far with red spirit bar

Super Drop Kick - db, f + A ([1]6 + A) [25% spirit meter]

  • Jack launches himself forward legs first to knock the opponent down
  • Will travel extremely far, unless with red spirit bar, which will cause it to lose all forward momentum
  • Great for setting up meaty throws if it hits

Brain Shock - f, b, f + B {Close} (646 + B) [25% spirit meter]

  • Jack grabs the opponent and smacks them into his head several times
  • Will only come out and use meter if he is in range, if not only a kick will come out instead
  • Inescapable if used after a light attack jump in or used after a meaty light attack
  • Does extremely less damage at red spirit bar

Super Moves

Super Hip Attack - b, hcb + B (463214 + B) [75% spirit meter]

  • Jack launches himself full-screen to slam the opponent in the air several times
  • Can miss if the opponent is too close
  • If it hits, Jack is set up for a meaty command grab in the corner

Hidden Super Moves

Hell Dive - hcb + A {close} (63214 + A) [75% spirit meter]

  • Jack slams the opponent to the ground then spins on them on his head
  • Does massive damage and can be performed after light attack for a tick throw or after an empty jump
  • Move can only be performed when health is low enough (Jack's stance will change as a sign)

Important Character-Specific Tech

Due to the fact that there are no reversals in this game, doing tick throws into command grab is an inescapable set-up, and Jack's key goal. Jack also has more health (or just takes less damage in game, can't tell at the moment), meaning he takes more hits to kill compared to the rest of the cast.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Jack only wants one thing. He wants to push you into the corner, get in, Jack is the epitome of grappler, slow as hell, but built like a tank, with the damage output of one too.

Strengths: Jack has great normals, has extra health, and inescapable command grab tick throws. A single jump-in can shift the entire tide of the match. His desperation attack is insanely simple to pull off as well, meaning a single screw up can win you the entire match, even with one pixel of health left.

Weaknesses: Jack is slow, and if he can't get in, he's stuck eating chip damage and footsies pokes. He also takes longer to get up from knockdown compared to the rest of the cast, meaning your opponent can escape the corner if they knock you down. If Jack doesn't have meter, he also has little damage output, causing him to be very meter dependent, giving the opponent time to move while you're forced to charge.

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