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Mr. Big has been involved with the mob for as long as he can remember. He made it big in Southtown, a city as seedy and corrupt as he is. Rather than pay tribute to Geese Howard, boss of all organized crime in town, Mr. Big joined Geese's organization, and quickly rose to become his right-hand man.

While Geese was out of town on business, he left Big in charge. Big secretly feared Takuma Sakazaki, the master of Kyokugenryu Karate, so he ordered the kidnapping of Takuma's daughter, Yuri, and threatened Takuma into working for him. Unfortunately, the plan backfired when Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia fought their way through Southtown's crime to find both of them, beating Big senseless to rescue Yuri and Takuma.

Big pondered informing Geese of the incident upon his return, but Geese soon grew embroiled in a situation involving the Bogard brothers, and Big wisely kept his mouth shut.


5 LP.

Mr. Big does a jab using one of his arnis sticks. Has horizontal range of about 1/4 of screen, making it a decent poke against standing opponents. It will whiff against Eiji, John, Lee, Mickey, Ryo, Temjin, and Yuri, but not Jack, King, Mr. Big, Robert, or Takuma when they crouch.

5 HP.

Mr. Big does not one, but two jabs using his arnis sticks. Both hits have the same range as his 5 LP. Another decent poke against standing opponents Mr. Big can use. This normal will also whiff against Eiji, John, Lee, Mickey, Ryo, Temjin, and Yuri, but not Jack, King, Mr. Big, Robert, or Takuma when they crouch.

5 LK.

Mr. Big does another one-jab using one of his sticks. Although the animation is slightly different from 5 LP, in practice, it functions exactly the same as said normal. Will also whiff against Eiji, John, Lee, Mickey, Ryo, Temjin, and Yuri, but not Jack, King, Mr. Big, Robert, or Takuma when they crouch.

Close HK.

Mr. Big takes both of his sticks, then thrusts them upwards. While this normal makes a solid anti-air especially against neutral jumping opponents, there is one major con about this normal - it will whiff against all characters except for Mr. Big if they’re crouching.

Far HK.

Mr. Big steps in place, then does a far-reaching poke with one of his sticks. Has slightly more range than his 5 LP, 5 HP and 5 LK. This is Mr. Big’s best standing poke because this, alongside his 5 C + A (Throw + Punch) and 5 C + B (Throw + Kick) are his three only standing normals that can hit every character in the game whether they’re crouching or standing.

Close 4/6 Throw Button.

Mr. Big lifts the opponent up then throws them across the screen. Whether it was a front throw or back throw, Mr. Big will always throw the opponent backwards.

Far Throw Button (If punch was the last normal used).

Same as 5 LP.

Far Throw Button (If Kick was the last normal used).

Same as 5 LK.

5 C + A (Throw + Punch).

Mr. Big does an uppercut. Useful as an anti-air and not much else.

5 C + B (Throw + Kick).

Mr. Big bends over, puts his sticks together in an x-shape, then thrusts them at a downward angle. Has range of about 1/3 of screen. This is also one of Mr. Big’s only three normals that hit low.

2 LP / 2 LK / 2 Throw (Punch Version) / 2 Throw (Kick Version).

While knelling, Mr. Big thrusts both of his sticks forward. Has range of about 1/3 of screen. This is easily Mr. Big’s best crouching poke because of its good range, quick recovery, and the fact that it can't be ducked by anyone.

2 HP / 2 HK.

While crouching, Mr. Big performs a downward sweeping motion using one of his sticks. Knocks down on hit. Has noticeably less range than his 2 LP / 2 LK normal.

Jump LP / Jump LK / Jump Throw (Punch Version) / Jump Throw (Kick Version).

While airborne, Mr. Big extends one of his sticks at a downward angle. This is Mr. Big’s best air-to-air for its long active frames.

Jump HP / Jump HK.

While in the air, Mr. Big strikes downward using both of his batons. This is Mr. Big’s best jump-in because it hits deeper than his Jump lights.

Special Moves

Ground Blaster - 236 K.

Mr. Big takes one of his sticks and uses it like a match to light a projectile that slides along the ground across the screen. Knocks down on hit. Costs 20% of spirit to execute.

Cross Diving - 41236 P.

Mr. Big does a psycho crusher across the screen. Makes for a good poking tool, low crusher, and whiff punisher. The only problem is that unless done from its max range it’s pretty unsafe on block. knocks down on hit. Costs 20% of spirit to execute.

Spinning Lancer - 463214 K.

Mr. Big puts his two sticks together to form a staff, and does a spinning attack with the staff. good luck using this special without getting counter hit because the startup is ridiculously long… Costs 20% of spirit to execute.

Drum Shot - 1 6 P.

Mr. Big hunches his back, then goes running across the screen. Once he comes in contact with the opponent, he’ll use his sticks to beat on them. Knocks down on hit. Costs 25% of spirit to execute.

Super Move

Blaster Wave - 412364 P.

Mr. Big emits two bolts of lighting from his sticks. The effective range of this super is about 3/4 of screen, making this a viable poke or whiff punisher. Knocks down on hit. Costs 75% of spirit gauge to execute.

Hidden Super Move/Desperation Move

Rising Spear - 2363214 P.

Mr. Big scoops the opponent, sending them airborne, then starts poking the living hell out of them. it's a command grab, and a quick one too, meaning you can use it to punish a lot of moves if blocked up close. Like all hidden supers, You are able to do your hidden secret move only after the contour of your life bar starts blinking from losing most (80% or more) of your health and costs 75% of your spirit gauge to perform.


Deep jump-In HP, 5 HP

Close HK xx 41236 P

while this is possible, don't expect to pull this off in an actual match.

Strengths And Weaknesses



Additional Notes

Mr. Big is one of the two characters in the game who cannot wall jump.

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