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After her father dissappeared when she was young, Yuri became heavily dependent on Ryo. This dependency helped motivate Ryo to become a better fighter, but was to her detriment when she was kidnapped by Mr. Big. After being saved by Ryo and Robert, she was able to convince her father Takuma to train her, which he reluctantantly agreed to as he began to teach her the basics before she was invited to the King of Fighters tournament.

Special Moves

Ko'ou Ken - qcf + A (236 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Yuri shoots a blast of ki energy from her palm
  • This attack is similar to Ryo's fireball
  • With red spirit bar, this move will have very short range

KyokugenryuuSaiha - qcb + A (214 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Yuri creates a shield of energy
  • This attack can stop air attacks, pokes, or dash-ins with the right timing
  • With red spirit bar the duration of the move becomes significantly shorter

Raioh-ken - qcf + B (236 + B) [25% spirit meter]

  • Yuri jumps in the air and throws a ki blast diagonally down-forward
  • The blast will usually end up around the middle of the screen
  • With red spirit meter, the blast will not leave past her palms

Enbukyaku - qcb + B (214 + B) [20% spirit meter]

  • A series of 4 quick attacks
  • This move will not change based on spirit meter but will drain it nonetheless

HyakuRetsu Binta - f, b, f + A (646 + A) [40% spirit meter]

  • Yuri rushes forward and attacks with multiple slaps
  • This move has priority over many other moves and pre-jump frames
  • Yuri recovers extremely quickly if this move is blocked, leaving you safe
  • This move will not come out with red spirit bar

Super Move

Haohshokoken - f, hcf + A (641236 + A) [75% spirit meter]

  • Yuri creates a wall of ki energy to attack opponent
  • Has slow startup compared to other super moves
  • Can be dodged with a well timed jump or wall jump

Hidden Super Move/Desperation Move

Hienhouoh-Kyaku - f, b, hcb + BC (6463214 + BC) [75% spirit meter]

  • Yuri rushes towards the opponent to deliver an unblockable barrage of bicycle kicks
  • Does massive damage and can be safely performed on knocked down opponents
  • Move can only be performed when health is low enough (Yuri's stance will change as a sign)

Strengths And Weaknesses

Yuri is by no means the strongest character in the game, but she does have some tools that help her win some matchups. A lot of times, though, the odds are not in her favor.

Strengths: Most of Yuri's special moves still work with no meter, even though they are in a weaker form. Yuri's normals have good range, like her sweep, and her heavy kick (butt slam attack) can go over over low attacks. HyakuRetsu Binta is quick and is a great way to punish someone trying to dash too much or jump out after certain attacks.

Weaknesses: The one special move that doesn't work without meter is HyakuRetsu Binta, her best special attack. Yuri's anti-airs do very little damage, and her moves that knock down have very little range (except from sweep). Her butt slam has a long recovery if blocked and can get easily punished. Against character with strong, quick throws, against Micky with an untechable throw, not having meter can mean a death sentence, or at the very lease, a pretty bad time.

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